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Prose, technical documentation, copywriting, lyrical arrangements, poetry, research - at some point, he has had his hand on a pen for each discipline.

He's written hundreds of thousands of words on the technical assembly of AED devices, spoken to the on-label use of various surgical implements, and authored countless manufacturing documents for internal circulation, including:

- Technical Documents (AQ/PQ, V&V, Lifecycle, Work Instructions, Assembly Procedures, etc.)
- Training Plans (Product Descriptions, Maintenance Protocols, Product Curriculum)
- E-Mail Memos / Newsletters
- Product "How-To" Guides

While his professional fittings are rather mechanical by nature, his skillset extends into more practical and engaging styles. His blog samples highlight a more conversational tone well-stocked with research and accessible content.

Bridging gaps between the technical and the abstract is a huge point of interest in his work. His services offer a link between concept and accessibility that is - in his experience - sorely lacking on both the business- and customer-facing ends of the writing game.
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His professional expertise lies in engineering ecosystems -- verification/validation, root-cause analyses, DEFOA evaluation, procedure design & documentation, work instructions, product labeling copy, product descriptions, and most other things under the sun.

His personal affinities speak to all things wellness, fitness, spiritual (or anti-spiritual), nature, and technology related. He is a practitioner of various contemplative traditions such as meditation, breathwork, and self-inquiry. He's a long-time strength sport enthusiast who has dabbled in long-distance running, through-hiking, climbing, and sustainable travel.


The technicals: He grabbed a Bachelor's in Biological Engineering back in 2017. Since then, he has worked as a process engineer for defibrillators, surgical device endoscopy specialist, and chemical analyst.

In parallel to the professional track, he's continued nurturing his affections for through-hiking, running, strength sports, meditation, cold water exposure, breathwork, the horror genre, orangutan conservation, road-tripping, and writing.

From his corner of the surgical suite, he has seen what's literally going on in more people than he will probably ever have full-bodied conversations with. From his desk on the factory floor, he has seen the twisted knot of tech development as a hundred different hands frantically, and often nobly, attempt to unravel it. From his seat on the meditation pillow in his closet, he has seen the reflections of these things in every aspect of his experience. The inside-of-himself business, the twisted knot, the frenetic struggles - everything.


Lower Columbia College

Dedicated study and focus on law, linguistics, art, philosophy, literature, and social psychology/sociology.

Washington State University

Unified principles of chemical, electrical, mechanical, control and systems engineering to solve dynamic problems relating to
biology and biotech.


51 Projects Completed

Developed, authored and edited technical documents pertaining to: quality management systems, test method validation procedures, verification inspection protocols, pFMEA / dFMEAs, work instructions, assembly procedures and medical device labeling templates.

Special responsibilities included:

- Researching and implementing EU MDR 2017 / 745 compliant labeling/packaging design for AED-line products.
- Engaging supply chain teams for domestic and international (e.g. Japan, Germany) warehouses to provide root cause analyses & investigative/quarantine assessments and dispositions for DEFOA / non-conforming product.
- Performing procedural validation/verification and product family testing for engineering & design changes.


10 Projects Completed

Prepared approved training documents and newsletters for distribution among perioperative staff.
Provided consultation and training to perioperative staff in operating room / clinical settings.
• Received national corporate recognition for implementation of discretionary lean (Kaizen) projects resulting in
estimable monthly savings exceeding $5,000 for the hospital.
• Resolved and documented over 500 technical events involving surgical devices.


8 Projects Completed

Thorough experience developing technical documents involving medical devices & proprietary software in highly
regulated engineering environments.
• Significant background in generating instructional, how-to, and newsletter content within product manufacturing
and clinical settings.
• Adept in evaluating client need, content strategies (trending topics, SEO, etc.) and audience sentiment – utilizing
direct input and observational research.
• Personally developing well-researched, engaging content across a spectrum of wellness, meditation, software, and
blockchain topics on a variety of blogging / creator platforms


6 Projects Completed

Multiple years of personal experience dedicated to various spheres of wellness:

Strength & Endurance Sports
- Powerlifting
- Bodybuilding
- Strongman
- Crossfit
- Olympic Weightlifting
- Ironman, Marathons, Ultramarathons

- Kundalini
- Kasina
- Vipassana
- Shamatha

- Tummo
- Wim Hof (and a number of Tummo variants)
- Holotropic
- Reverse Breathing
- Nadi Shodhana

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He is perpetually seeking to build a body of work around perfected communication. 'Perfect' is evolutionary and fluid, morphing to meet the specific requirements of its audience.

His writing works to bridge a common voice between the technical and the abstract. He uses research where firm footing is critical, and esoteric shaping when a new perspective might be key to deeper understanding.

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5 Projects Completed

He has worked for three years as medical device consultant and manufacturing process engineer, mainly in the form of technical writing. He has prepared assembly procedure documents, regulatory assessments, product investigations, and more. He's had exposure to many white papers and WP proposals, and has been directly involved on a number of occasions in their development.

He's extensively reviewed and/or contributed to developing white papers regarding:
- Cryptocurrencies
- SaaS
- Biotech
- Manufacturing
- Prosthetics

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