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Kyt D
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Kyt D. has worked as a journalist in bleeding edge and emerging technologies for over a decade watching pioneers forge new pathways and disrupt the future. These include such new industries as blockchain, distributed finance, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and virtual reality/mixed reality/extended reality.

He currently works as the DevOps Editor and Senior Writer for a media company writing mostly stories that mix the above topics and, when he can, mixes in video games as a topic. He also wrote for GameOgre as a reviewer of massively multiplayer online games.

As a student of anthropology and sociology, Kyt D. studies communities and how people interact with technology and has a keen interest in gamification. This has led to a keen interest in non-fungible tokens, a disruptive blockchain technology that is currently trending across numerous industries that allows for tradable unique digital assets.

He runs a weekly tv show on Saturdays and Sundays that discusses the anthropological and human impact of massively multiplayer video games and other technologies.