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Trisha P is a writer with 6 traditionally published books. Additionally, she is Communications Coordinator for a Christian humanitarian organization that cares for orphans and vulnerable children living in poverty around the world.

Previously, she was social media manager for a New York Times bestselling author with 150 titles to his name.

She spent 6 years writing and editing full-time for a leading media and marketing company whose portfolio includes 21 subscription magazines and more than 150 newsstand titles.

And she blogs.

Despite all of the above, she loves (LOVES) WriterAccess and logs on every day to accept and complete assignments. She especially appreciates love list and solo orders.

During her senior year at a liberal arts university, Trisha earned the highest award for creative writing and for an original persuasive oratory which she delivered before an audience of thousands. Just twenty-four years old when she was invited to teach college journalism, she familiarized herself with several manuals of style and is now comfortable with whatever guidelines are given to her.
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Trisha has written and/or edited hundreds of articles and blog posts on topics ranging from the epidemiology of breast cancer to the best holiday centerpieces for the home. Most recently, she published the final novel in a YA trilogy. As such, no topics are off-limits, and the bigger the challenge, the better.


Trisha is a mom, writer, blogger, and shameless water polo fan. She can intelligently carry a conversation on hundreds of topics and can creatively carry a conversation on thousands of others.


Bob Jones University

While earning her B.A., Trisha served as Chi Sigma Phi president (2003), chaplain (2003), and vice president (2002). Additionally, she traveled with the university's debate team and participated in the writers’ forum. She graduated with honors.


1,124 Projects Completed

Trisha P spent 6 years completing thousands of health-related writing projects for an award-winning health care relationship agency. Specifically, she wrote and edited pieces for pharmaceutical and consumer clients, including: GlaxoSmithKline, Allergan, Novartis, Bayer, Pfizer, Merck, Bristol Myers, Abbott, and Elan.

She helped launch a cosmetic consumer loyalty program and website that turned into a multi-million dollar program and the largest project for the company.

Home Living

564 Projects Completed

Trisha P has earned her street cred when it comes to the topic of home living. In addition to writing professionally about all things home, Trisha maintains a personal blog about home management.

Trisha believes that a well-run home lends order to an otherwise chaotic world. Time and energy are conserved when items are found where they should be. Health and wellness is preserved when the house is clean. So she writes and edits about it whenever she isn't chasing her kids around with the toy basket.


185 Projects Completed

Trisha P enjoys writing about Christian living/Christianity/spirituality whenever she is given the opportunity. Having published a Christian living book, she is comfortable writing about all things religious. She has learned from the best, surrounding herself with dozens of famous religious writers including author Jerry B Jenkins of the well-known Left Behind series.


104 Projects Completed

Having spent 6 years as a full-time writer and editor for the leading media and marketing company for women, Trisha has done a fair share of fashion writing.

She knows, for instance, the pieces every stylish woman should own. She believes style is one of the clearest personal expressions. Getting dressed is more than putting cotton or satin on the body--it is crafting a statement to the world. With the right guidance, anyone can improve his or her message.

Trisha loves fashion!

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She enjoys creating fresh, conversational content that is consistently high-quality and tailor-made for personal or professional blogs. Raising SEO, reaching readers/customers, and ranking higher in the search engines are her cup of tea.

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