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Excellent writer with diverse technical writing, copywriting, grant writing, as well as blogging, freelance writing, freelance editing, and consulting experience for various audiences and companies including (but not limited to): the public at large, construction, real estate, healthcare, not-for-profit, finance, moving, trucking, & logistics industries, helping to save, develop efficiency, and/or increase profit margins, by a minimum of $15 million yearly.

By varying written language and tone of messages based on product, medium, & format, he can help his clients’ continued success in diverse markets & harsh economic conditions.
Blog Post
Green Living


* Writing business plans
* Technical Writing
* Copywriting
* Content Creation
* Writing grants
* Blogging
* Flyers / brochure creation


* Health & Wellness
* Recycling
* Nonprofits
* Real Estate
* Researching
* Tabletop RPG games
* Construction & Remodeling


Illinois Institute of Technology

Major: Professional & Technical Communications
Minor: Psychology


121 Projects Completed

Jesse C has written articles on the topics of:

* health
* wellness
* nutrition
* fitness

covering such topics as diabetes, and high blood pressure; running gear and supplements, HIV/AIDS as well as other STDs, various forms of exercise including tai chi, swimming and running; medications as well as alternatives, what foods are best as well what types of things to avoid in your diet.


50 Projects Completed

Jesse C writes about financial matters, looking at topics such as how to save money, investments, credit card debt, couponing, using online savings apps, budgeting and more. The articles he writes aim to give practical advice that can easily be adjusted according to one's income. In addition to such topics, he examines practical ways of using what one has already, repurposing and upcycling items so as to not have to spend money needlessly.

Green Living

50 Projects Completed

Growing up, Jesse C found the benefit of living green firsthand. He is an avid recycler, keeps a "pulse" on environmental issues, futuristic "green(er)" technologies, and even composts at home. His interests in green living and environmental issues stem from the fact that he knows that we need to be able to pass this earth on to future generations. So whether it's an article on clean energy such as solar or wind, reduce, reuse, recycle, upcycling, or more environmentally friendly methods of cleaning, Jesse is the person who can do it for you!


400 Projects Completed

Jesse C has written well researched, and thought-out articles on a variety of subjects, including, but not limited to nutrition, health, wellness, & fitness, real estate, moving, trucking, & logistics, tabletop RPG games such as dungeons & dragons, construction & remodeling, not for profit companies. When working for a local newspaper “For Sale Local,” many times, he was the sole contributor and wrote under different pen names.


400 Projects Completed

Jesse C has been a writer for 20+ years. He is an excellent marketing writer, copywriter, technical writer, blogger, grant writer, who specializes in producing highly technical content and outlines the business benefits. Such content included:

• SEO articles & blog posts
• Emails & Eblasts
• White papers & Business plans
• E-books
• PowerPoint presentations
• Social media posts
• Fliers & mass mailings
• Website Content
• Worker Ads
• Newsletters
• Creative Writing
• Grant Writing

for both B2B and B2C audiences. Said audiences included (but not limited to): the public at large, construction, real estate, healthcare, not-for-profit, finance, moving, trucking, & logistics industries. Content helped save, develop efficiency, and/or increase profit margins by a minimum of $15 million yearly.

Blog Post

353 Projects Completed

Jesse C has been writing high-level blog posts on tabletop RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons for the last 20 years. Such posts discuss such things as character creation, custom races, unique magic items or tokens, backgrounds, plots, and more. The purpose of these articles is to help both GMs and players alike think what they could add to games to make them more interesting, less problematic, and allow them to play at a higher level.

He has also done blog posts on the topic of nutrition, health, wellness, & fitness. Such articles typically are a list of products ranked to help with such things.


50 Projects Completed

Jesse C has written brochures/ flyers/ marketing materials such as door hangers and mailers for many of the companies he has worked for, including, but not limited to
Bella Construction 2, Co - advertising our services and to seek employees:

UR Loans (Mark Shudnow)
RE/Max Brochure (Mark Shudnow)
Jeffrey M Leving, "The Father's Rights Lawyer"
Amp: "Appliance Market Place"
The Transitional Housing Group 2


35 Projects Completed

Jesse C has done a variety of presentations in PowerPoint. These presentations have been for
* Potential Employees for the following Companies
- Bella Construction 2, Co
- Bella Conco Logistics
- AMP: Appliances Market Place
- Emerald Staffing
* Investors to obtain money for various businesses
* Summary of personal skills
* Messiah Lutheran Church budgeting meeting
* Summary of programs offered (The Transitional Housing Group 2)

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