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Amanda is a content creator, marketing communications strategist, and social media storyteller. When clients need informative, on-brand, fun-to-read content marketing, Amanda delivers.

Amanda’s passion is crafting a brand’s story and using the story to engage, inspire, and wow customers. She genuinely loves writing and has dedicated her 15-year career to writing unique content.

With six years of marketing management experience as a “team of one,” Amanda also a Jill-of-all-trades - a generalist in the truest sense. Beyond crafting copy, her experience includes:
- graphic design
- public relations
- marketing strategy
- web design
- and more

A strategic-minded thinker, Amanda loves writing for any industry. She’s quick, flexible, and creative, and is looking to be a trusted freelance writer for new clients.
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Keyword research and blog topic generation
- Blogging and article writing
- Long-form writing
- Press release writing
- Copywriting
- Website copy writing
- Landing page writing
- Email marketing writing


As a lifelong learner, Amanda enjoys researching and writing on topics with in which shes not an expert. She has experience in almost every type of content, including:

- Home theater systems
- Accounting
- Education (college; k-12)
- SaaS
- Healthcare
- Biotechnology
- Construction

Her special interests and passions include:
- Travel
- Health and Beauty
- Fitness
- Nutrition
- Parenting
- Florida travel/ experiences
- Marketing
- Small business

And many more.

She has a passion for writing in general, and is up for any challenge!


Marshall University

Graduates with honors with a specialty in print journalism and a minor in English literature.

Marshall University

Graduated with honors. Worked as a graduate assistant teaching public speaking classes to incoming freshman.


80 Projects Completed

Amanda is a thorough, knowledgeable marketing professional with more than 20 years of experience collaborating with varied types of companies. Her content-marking expertise has helped to advance project managers, bloggers, businesses; her work has driven successful results all around.


70 Projects Completed

Amanda catered to clients in a variety of lifestyle industries, including home decor, boutique retail sales, nutrition, health, beauty, gourmet food, and more.

Some of her projects include:
- email marketing sales funnels
- website copywriting
- social media
- blogging
- content strategy


50 Projects Completed

Amanda adores writing for e-commerce companies as much as buying from them! Great content for retail and e-commerce entertains, educates, and sells —without actually being salesy. From email content to keyword-rich blogs, Amanda knows the secret sauce to retail success: building an irresistible brand through exceptional writing.


50 Projects Completed

Amanda Austin is a freelance writer specializing in customer-oriented content for businesses engaged b2b and b2c retail. Amanda enjoys crafting content that reflects her client's brand personality.


40 Projects Completed

Amanda worked for 3 years in the health, wellness, and nutrition space. She created content marketing strategy, blogs, email newsletters, lead Gen tools, and more. Amanda also spent 10 years in a healthcare center creating nutrition and healthy living articles and social media for the community and patients.

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500 Projects Completed

With more than 15 years of experience writing for social media and training others to do the same, Amanda has keen insight into what makes for great social content. She’s experienced in:
And more!

Amanda has written and managed social media for b2b and b2c companies in healthcare, nutrition, health and wellness, consumer retail and e-commerce, education, and saas industries. Find out how Amanda can help your company stand out on social.

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