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David W
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David has been a freelance writer since 2011. As a recovering lawyer, his main focus has been on legal topics. He has also written for real estate agents, insurance companies, tax consultants, theater production companies, and more.

The written word called to David long before he ever thought about law school, and even longer before he knew he could make a living as a writer. It all began in the early 1980s with Transformers fan fiction. High school angst poetry followed, along with a strange period that centered around haiku.

In college, David discovered a love of theater. He also thought he found his calling in the law. Law school allowed David to hone his legal writing skills, including fun words like "hereunder" and "thereafter." Theater and law collided for him in a law student theater organization called Assault and Flattery. David had the honor of writing the 2002 show, which was performed over four nights to about 1,000 people.

David practiced law in Austin, Texas for about a decade. His firm primarily handled family and business cases, with some employment law and general civil litigation. After about forty bench trials and more settlements than he cared to count, David decided it was time to move on to another adventure. Through multiple strokes of luck and an affinity for blogging, he discovered freelance writing as a career.

It is a privilege for David to be able to help people find ways to communicate about their businesses. Perhaps he can help you, too.
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