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Daniel is a full-time freelance content writer specializing in writing engaging and data-driven content for the health, technology, insurance/insurtech, fintech, startup, and SMB spaces. Daniel values nurturing genuine connections with his clients to deliver the best and most impactful blogs, articles, and features capable of writing.
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Daniel has a track record of delivering content as a copywriter as well as general writer that resonates with his clients' audiences,
generates conversions and sales, increases brand authority and credibility and directly correlates to a boost in SEO.


Daniel M. has an interest in the areas such as article writing, editing text, web content creation, digital publications, and search engine optimization.


Rhode Island College

Throughout the program, Daniel was able to acquire skills that enable him to:
Have close reading skills to analyze texts.
Apply relevant cultural and historical information in the analysis of texts.
Compose sophisticated written arguments about works of literature, incorporating appropriate close reading, research, and writing skills.


263 Projects Completed

Insurance plays a significant role in everybody's lives as well as organizations. Different states also have various types of rules and covers that govern them. Via this understanding, Daniel produces genuine articles for different clients of any insurance coverage/information they desire.


116 Projects Completed

People struggle with basic ways of living, including DIY activities. Daniel has a great understanding of various livelihoods throughout the globe and consecutively can write lifestyle pieces for different cultures and universal content for all individuals.


100 Projects Completed

Technological innovations are rampant all over the world. Organizations are always keen on the latest technologies to apply to boosts their functions/sales. Daniel is an experienced writer who has a passion for up-to-date technology and innovations.

Blog Post

753 Projects Completed

By deep understanding of an excellent call to action, SEO optimized content, and incorporation of images, Daniel is able to write unique blogs for different clients.


291 Projects Completed

Daniel can write any custom article when presented with requirements. Daniel has written different topics ranging from insurance, health, cars, living, career, technology, parenting, pets, nutrition, and business.

Web Page

212 Projects Completed

Most businesses and people use websites to communicate or advertise their brands in today's world. Webpage information should be precise, free from jargon, and encompassing more benefits over features. Daniel crafts excellent webpage information.

Product Description

76 Projects Completed

Product descriptions aim at making a product/service known to people of all ages. Daniel uses simple and easy-to-scan language, keeping in mind the completeness of a product while writing product description articles.

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