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He has more than 10 years experience in freelance writing having started when he was still in college. His passion is to produce quality work for his clients that meets their exact specifications and requirements. He enjoys taking on out-of-the-box or challenging articles and subjects, but he specializes in topics related to transportation (a field that he has 5+ years experience in), finance, human resources, and legal topics.
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Human Resources


He specializes in financial articles as well as articles related to the transportation industry. He tends to prefer to write article or blog style posts, though he can also produce content for social media or e-mail marketing campaigns. It is always his pleasure to communicate directly with clients each step of the way to ensure that he completes all projects to their specifications.


Finance, stock market, transportation, logistics, human resources, and legal field. He has personal interest and/or experience in each of these fields, though his experience is not limited strictly to these areas. He is happy to work on virtually any project and enjoy getting into deep research on any topic. He is not afraid to dig into data files, public governmental websites, etc. to find that deep-level research that many require.


Middle Tennessee State University

Human Resources

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He tends to write a significant amount of articles related to the human resources industry as he has worked in this field outside of the writing world. There are a lot of interesting experiences that one comes across when they are working in human resources, and he feels that he can bring a fresh perspective to articles that are written about human resources in general.


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He has worked directly in the transportation industry in his "day job" for the last 5 years across a few different companies and has learned a great deal from first-hand experience dealing with trucks and truck drivers. Most recently, he has specifically managed more than 100 trucks and trailers himself as far as their maintenance needs are concerned.


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Ryan has worked in a corporate office setting for two different companies in the transportation industry. One was a major business with operations coast to coast. The other was a much smaller firm but one with a significant impact in its particular niche.

Both experiences helped Ryan to understand what life is like working in an office and helped him grow in his professional career.


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He has produced over 10,000 articles for various clients on various platforms based on their specific needs and requirements.

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100 Projects Completed

He has completed many short posts for Twitter and other social media websites for a variety of clients.

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