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She writes on a range of topics, including technology, business, law, and hobbies. Clients include both European and American organizations and publishers. She also edits and proofreads legal documents, essays, books (fiction and non-fiction), and scripts.
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Emma is both a copywriter and a general writer with solid skills that enable the creation of unique, well-researched, and relevant content.


Emma has an interest in generating traffic for different clients' websites through up-to-date and informative posts, thereby increasing sales.


Institute of Technology, Carlow

The course aims to train excellent lawyers, critical thinkers who can grasp a better understanding of justice. The curriculum merges core subjects in legal theory and practices with courses on ethics and humanities, making the student an agent of change worldwide.


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Emma has experience in staff training that entails helping employees learn skills or gain specific knowledge that will, in the long run, improve their performance and productivity in their current roles. The training is expansive and focuses on the growth, development, and performance of the staff that will, in the process, reflect the success of the business or organization. Staff training helps an organization retain the best professionals and enable profitable growth.

Non Profit

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A non-profit is a legal entity organized, operated, and aimed at social, public, and collective benefits. Emma D. knows their operations are not intended for income or profit generation. The revenues are usually committed to missions, purpose, and objectives that drive its operations. Unlike profitable businesses, non-profits enjoy tax exemptions. However, it is the mandate of the state to determine the non-profit status when it comes to taxes and other legal obligations. Non-profits can be churches, schools, social clubs, or consumer organizations.


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When you access specific data from any device with an internet connection through software delivery, the method is known as SaaS. Through this understanding, Emma uses software vendors who host and maintain the databases, servers, and codes that make up and enable the effective application of the system to provide flexible and affordable services for both established and small business enterprises that seek to utilize the internet. SaaS allows buyers to outsource IT responsibilities without the struggles and expenses of in-house software maintenance needs.


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Emma understands the following:
When writing an article, the major concern is the point of view.
The use of a third-person point of view is always applicable.
While the subject matter can be the same as in other forms of
writings, the content in article writing is on the basis of facts and research.
The tone of voice is far more formal and academic, and neutral at all times. Most articles are long and detailed for the reader. Emma is keen on spelling and maintains good grammar.

Blog Post

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Emma uses a casual and conversational tone of voice and lets the reader know her personality. There are specific metadata and keywords that writers prioritize in blog posts. The writings are short, direct, and communicative.

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