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Chelsie has been writing professionally since 2011. She got started as a way to help her through college, and it didn't take long for her to realize writing was the path she was meant to take. Today, she considers herself lucky to call it her full-time job!

Chelsie received her BA in English in 2013, and even when working a 9-5 unrelated office job, still found the time to write and cater to her freelance clients in her spare time.

She has written on many topics, including parenting, marketing, mental health, beauty, style, food, pets, health, yoga, fitness, and more! She focuses heavily on the best search engine optimization practices combined with ever-important readability and flow.

Chelsie excels at organization, time management, providing original content, keyword placement, content relevance, consumer/brand connection, and creating an amazing reader experience.

She looks forward to helping you increase your brand reach and putting out quality content to new and existing readers. Contact her today!
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In addition to turning out incredible, original, relevant, readable blog posts and long-form articles, Chelsie can help clients with:

Website Content
SEO keyword placement
Topic Research
Creative Writing
Social Media Posts


When it comes to writing, Chelsie is interested in almost any topic, ranging from the best marketing practices to fitness tips.

When she's not writing, Chelsie is either spending time with her husband and daughters, reading, teaching yoga, walking her dogs, advocating for mental health, or horseback riding.


Columbia College

Chelsie began her journey as a Criminal Justice major but soon changed her mind as her freelance career took off on the side. She changed to English and graduated with a minor in Creative Writing.


45 Projects Completed

Kids and family are a huge part of Chelsie's life, so naturally, she loves writing about them. The years have brought her plenty of chances to blog on the topic, and she always goes about it enthusiastically.


45 Projects Completed

Over 40 parenting pieces written and counting, Chelsie (a parent herself) gets that the topic can be everything from humorous to heartbreaking. This is a topic that can be sensitive and blunt, and she will work with you to adopt the voice you want to convey.

Self Help

40 Projects Completed

With between 40 and 50 self-help guest posts written over her ten years of experience, Chelsie is skilled at communicating what you want your audience to hear.


25 Projects Completed

Chelsie is passionate about beauty products and skincare and loves to learn about new brands, as well as helping existing brands reach a larger clientele. She got her start in freelancing guest posting for a beauty blog, and never says no to a chance to write on the topic.


20 Projects Completed

Over 20 pieces written for physical fitness, primarily yoga, make Chelsie a great option for anything fitness-related. She loves the topic!


16 Projects Completed

Lifestyle pieces are so much fun, and really give Chelsie a chance to tap into her creative side.


10 Projects Completed

Hobbies are important, and Chelsie has had a great time in the past writing about them! Whether she's guest-posting her own hobbies or creating pieces for a client, there is no end to what the topic can bring!

Blog Post

642 Projects Completed

Oh, the blog posts! Chelsie has been on the writing end of hundreds of blog posts over the last 10 years. Blog posts are a wonderful chance for her to explore new topics and match brand voices for clients on a global scale.


376 Projects Completed

With over 350 articles under her belt, Chelsie has written on various topics for global clients. From auto-dealers to holistic pet shops, there is hardly a business she hasn't created an article for!

Landing Page

101 Projects Completed

Landing Pages are a crucial component of advertising campaigns. A fantastic landing page will bring your company conversions and accelerate lead generation. Great copy is a part of that landing page, and Chelsie has plenty of experience writing it!


55 Projects Completed

There are few things more important than an About Us page on a company website, and Chelsie knows how to construct one! She'll happily work alongside you to figure out what you want to convey and the tone you'd like to take.


25 Projects Completed

With experience in ad copy in her toolbelt, Chelsie is happy to work with you regarding your social ads, including every major platform.


15 Projects Completed

E-books are a wonderful way to make passive income! Chelsie has written on a few E-Book topics in the past, and looks forward to getting started on yours! She can brainstorm with you, or you can present your ideas.


3 Projects Completed

Need a book written? Look no further. While it's hard for Chelsie to drum up the time needed to dedicate to a novel, she's willing to take on the projects that resonate with her. Romance is her favorite topic, and she can't wait to brainstorm with you!

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