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Steven is a Freelance Copywriter. Copywriting is creating the words businesses use to advertise their products and services. Even more so, copywriting is taking your customers on a journey of discovery.

‚ÄčSteven loves telling stories, which is why he left full-time teaching to pursue his career as a Case Study and Storytelling Copywriter.

This fantastic strategy has helped Steven to boost his clients business‚Äčes', evoking their customers' emotions, stoking them to action, getting them to like, subscribe, share and buy into what is being sold.

Being the creative type of person, Steven loves being involved in projects from start to finish and has written Articles, Press Releases and Case Studies.

Steven has also authored his own Goal-Setting Book and hosts his podcast in his spare time to help people actively achieve their goals by taking Just One Step.

He knows when writing a useful and engaging article, you need to understand the topic. To make sure that you know the subject completely takes research. It's like conducting your own investigation, and once finished, you then have the challenge of writing articles clearly and in an easy to understand way.

Press Releases are an instant way to get a message across. Again, Steven loves them because he gets to learn new things (before anyone else), and gets to tell the whole world about it!

Press releases are fantastic for building brand awareness and increasing your business' credibility.

Being quite a curious person has lead Steven to polish his interviewing technique. He love's nothing more than to turn browsers into buyers with compelling Case Studies.

Often, this will help explain complex ideas and complicated products in a simple and easy format - from the perspective of your customers. This SHOW's how your business bridges the gap instead of TELLING.

"Being average is fine, but when it comes to your business, should you settle for average?"
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Case Studies
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Steven is a Freelance Copywriter and has been writing for business since 2011. He has grown and developed over the years to offer several services that he's seen his customers' use to grow.

Steven specializes In:

Press Release Writing
Blog Writing
Article Writing
Advertorial Writing
Case Study Writing
Email Sequences

Get the most out of your written words, and you'll quickly see the clients coming to you.


Podcast Host
Food and Drink


Staffordshire University

Studying Travel and Tourism provided me insight into how to market intangible products and services in a way that helped businesses sell.

Whilst taking his degree, he volunteered with the Students' Union and worked on many projects that helped cement his skills as a writer.

While here, he further developed his love for marketing and ultimately led him to use that as a means to skyrocket his business.

Keele University

Studying the MRes provided him with the key skills and knowledge that he regularly uses to ensure facts and credibility within his work. He has a deeper understanding of how the human brain functions and use this to tailor his writing to get the most from your target market.

This has helped him to help his clients upsell, down-sell, and increase their visibility and trustworthiness.

Birmingham City University

After teaching for several years, he took the School Only route to gain his qualification. This postgraduate qualification meant he had to meet all of the Teacher Standards to pass.


100 Projects Completed

Steven has been writing and editing for businesses since he began his freelance journey in 2011.

You can find Steven has developed the ability to generate accurate reports, whitepapers, brochures, and more to help you skyrocket your business and keep clients coming to you.

Self Help

50 Projects Completed

Steven has written manuscripts, articles, blog posts, and scripts in the self-help industry.

Taking more complex details and writing them in a way that can help your target audience access all of those wonderful practices that you've put in place.


50 Projects Completed

Steven's experience in technology and SaaS has grown from his ability to tell stories and create case studies that skyrocket sales.

Steven has developed the ability to turn complex information into easy-to-read and engaging content through interviews and research.


100 Projects Completed

Steven has written hundreds of articles for many different niches. He has developed the skills to take even the most complex, dull topic and make it engaging, entertaining, and educational.

It all starts with crafting the right headline to pull in your audience and hooking them in so they need to know more.

Blog Post

100 Projects Completed

Steven has written blog posts for a wide variety of different clients - and developed his SEO practices along the way.

Blogs are a fantastic way to boost your website's SEO ranking and increase awareness of your business.

Case Studies

100 Projects Completed

There's no tool better to have in your marketing arsenal than case studies.

These are told from your customers' perspective and will help you stoke your target audience to action.

A well-crafted case study can boost your sales by at least 187%, and they a versatile.

You can use Case Studies:
- on your homepage
- in your email sequences
- as a press release
- through social media
- turn them into audio or video content
- as a blog post

And so much more!


100 Projects Completed

Advertising is how you get results and sell more products and services.

To do this effectively, you need to craft your messaging to target your specific audience.

He has written advertisements for several different clients, brands and always get results. The trick is to show how you solve a problem.


50 Projects Completed

Steven has ghostwritten nonfiction books for clients, ranging from self-help to physics.

Because of his ability to communicate effectively through writing, Steven can help you with your book writing needs, from drafting to the final copyedit to get your manuscript print-ready.

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