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Before pursuing a career in digital marketing, Lebo worked in the media industry as a journalist, sub-editor, and editor in chief. He graduated a diploma in Journalism with distinction at one of the best colleges in Johannesburg, South Africa.

After two years in media where he explored everything from print media to radio and digital publishing, he decided to use his writing talents to brave the world of digital marketing.

He's been working as a copywriter at a full-house agency for over a year. There, he's responsible for writing blogs, website copy, and social media copy.

He has written copy for several industries, including manufacturing, mining, finance, agriculture, and retail, amongst others.

Lebo has also been working on building his own agency; in his efforts, he has written several forms of copy for proposals, profiles, and long-form guides, as well as scripts for ads and presentation videos.

He has over 2 years of freelance experience designing graphics, websites, and logos for several clients. He's an all-rounded creative who knows a little bit about everything and has a burning passion for creating awesome things out of nothing.
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Even though he's an all-rounded creative, Lebo specializes in the following:

- Digital and strategic copywriting.
- Graphic design, with advanced proficiency in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro.
- Voice-over script writing.
- Web design, with advanced proficiency in using WordPress and several page builders.
- Advanced proficiency in on-page Search Engine Optimisation, and intermediate competency in technical SEO.


Lebo has an intimate love for sports, specifically football (or soccer, depending on which country you're reading this profile in), and Formula One.

He has a keen interest in spirituality and altered states of consciousness, and how they influence our physical realities. Lebo admires leaders in these schools of thought the likes of Eric Pepin, Vishen Lakhiani, Jim Kwik, and Steven Kotler.

He's a self-help junkie and is obsessed with educating as many people as he can to help them change their lives for the better.

Finally, Lebo is a techie with a secret desire to one day work for Space X and Tesla in some capacity. He loves space as both an opportunity for mankind, as well as a concept of peaceful chaos, and one day wishes to explore the final frontier.


IIE Rosebank College

A qualified journalist with refined skills in news writing, editorial writing, sub-editing, and interviewing. During his time at Rosebank college, Lebo became the editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper and worked as a part-time tutor.

Red & Yellow Creative School of Business

Holistic education in the field of digital marketing that covers every topic, including:
- Behavioural economics;
- Market & marketing research;
- Web analytics;
- Mobile marketing;
- Project management;
- Digital copywriting;
- Search Engine Optimization;
- UI/UX design;
- Social media marketing, and;
- Email marketing.


650 Projects Completed

- Social media copy written for a handful of retainer clients, including always-on posts, boosted posts, and ads.
- Hundreds of optimized blog posts written for several one-off and retainer clients.
- Optimised web copy written for a handful of one-off and retainer clients.


180 Projects Completed

Dozens of graphics designed for one-off and retainer clients. Graphics include posters and pamphlets, logos, infographics, invitations, and digital assets for websites and social media pages. Graphic design included suiting and/or optimized copy.


10 Projects Completed

Several published features and opinion pieces in an ezine and multiple blog websites.

Blog Post

650 Projects Completed

Over 2 years of experience writing technical, creative, and niche blog posts for a variety of clients in several industries. including:
- Finance;
- Manufacturing;
- Agriculture, and;
- Utilities.

Facebook Post

100 Projects Completed

As a social media marketer, Lebo has written copy several Facebook and Instagram posts with goal- and conversion-driven intent.


20 Projects Completed

Several published and unpublished editorials and news pieces written for 2 different online publications and a college newspaper. Editorials included features, profiles, and opinion pieces.


16 Projects Completed

Lebo has designed and written copy for over a dozen CVs and resumes, including tailor-made cover letters and bios.

Web Page

7 Projects Completed

Lebo has written copy for several websites that he has either designed himself or contributed towards. From landing pages to service and 'about us' pages, Lebo has a fair amount of experience writing optimized copy for websites.


6 Projects Completed

- Copy for social media ads and boosted posts.
- Copy for Google search ads.

Press Release

5 Projects Completed

Lebo has written, edited, and published several press releases over the last 3 years. Press releases included entertainment and commerce news, mainly new music releases and product releases.


4 Projects Completed

- Scripts written for published video essays.
- Script written for product and service explainer videos.


2 Projects Completed

Lebo was the lead editor for 2 published self-help books in South Africa. He was given the freedom to rewrite entire chapters in both projects to the success of both books.

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