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Michelle S earned her Bachelor's of Science in Psychology at Lamar University. Since then, she has worked in the non-profit industry specializing in volunteer management and fundraising. She has written hundreds of manuals, articles and blog posts for various non-profit organizations. In addition, Michelle has been a freelance writer on topics such as travel, relationships and product descriptions. She conducts in depth research and feels comfortable writing on a wide variety of topics. Though adept at both formal and casual writing styles, Michelle specializes in a conversational, witty style that keeps readers engaged.


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Industry Projects

  • Fashion1,000+
  • Travel100+
  • Non Profit100+
  • Finance50+
  • Relationships50+
  • Entertainment50+
  • Career20+
  • Spirituality20+
  • Craft20+

Summary of Industry Experience


For Michelle, writing is an avenue to buy more shoes and she prides herself on always knowing the right thing to wear for any occasion. Michelle embraces fashion as a fun adventure, and she turns her passion into engaging content. She has written hundreds of fashion articles for online magazines, boutiques and jewelry stores covering topics such as the latest trends, emerging designers, celebrity styles and recent runway shows.


As a freelance writer, Michelle has written on a variety of travel related topics ranging from budget vacations to luxury accommodations. She has written descriptions of attractions, hotels and destinations which have been published in city guides and tourism brochures. Her own travels have taken her throughout the US, Caribbean, Central and South American and Europe.

Non Profit

Michelle has worked in the non profit industry specializing in volunteer management and fundraising for nine years. She has written hundreds of manuals, articles and web content pieces for various non profit organizations. She has also written blog articles and content on topics such as engaging young people in volunteerism, finding new funding sources and building relationships with community advocates. Michelle has also received extensive training in grant writing and has written several successful grants.


Relying on nine years of experience in fundraising and budget management for nonprofit organizations, as well as personal financial management, Michelle has written many articles and blog posts for the finance industry. She is adept at turning dry financial topics in engaging content and she gives practical and usable tips that readers can implement to improve their own financial practices.


Michelle holds a degree in psychology and understands the importance of healthy relationships on a person's wellbeing. She has written dozens of articles on dating, marriage, maintaining friendships, divorce and family relationships.


Michelle is not only a movie and television buff, she is also an avid follower of all the latest celebrity and entertainment news. She turns her Hollywood obsession into fun, compelling content that will have readers coming back for more. Her work has been featured in a variety of online magazines, celebrity news sites and blogs. If you need an article on the latest celebrity news, a post on red carpet fashion or a recounting of the best moments in film history, Michelle is the writer for you.


When writing on career and job search topics, Michelle relies on her years of experience working at a workforce center with job seekers looking to improve their interview and job search skills. Michelle has written many articles on improving resumes, answering difficult interview questions and the advantages and disadvantages of social media on the job search process.


As the daughter of a minister, Michelle grew up in a faith-focused home and took the lessons of the importance of a spiritual life into adulthood. Michelle is able to turn her experiences and biblical teachings into compelling content that both inspires and informs.


Michelle is an avid scrapbooker and crafter. She has an excellent eye for design and color and her scrapbook pages have been published in several popular magazines. Michelle also spent two years working on the design team of a local craft store where she designed sample projects to promote and highlight the latest and greatest scrapbook products. In addition, Michelle has taught several classes on papercrafting and card making.

When she isn't covered in paint from her latest project, Michelle loves write about crafts. She is always up to date on the latest trends and is able to break down seemingly complex projects into understandable instructions.

Product Projects

  • Web Page500+
  • Product Description500+
  • Blog Post100+
  • Article100+

Summary of Product Experience

Web Page

Your web page establishes you as a leader and authority in your niche and Michelle S knows exactly how to make the most of that opportunity. Michelle has worked with dozens of businesses to create web content including product and category descriptions, business overviews and policies. Michelle also stays informed on the latest in SEO practices so that your site rises to the top.

Product Description

Michelle has written hundreds of product descriptions across multiple industries including fashion, office supplies and home decor. She not only strives to give your reader all the details about your product, but to also help them visualize how it will fit into their lives. In the end, the reader walks away excited about the product and ready to click the "Buy" button.

Blog Post

Michelle understands that your blog is an essential marketing tool that allows you to make a personal connection with readers. She crafts powerful content that will keep you visible and relevant. Not sure what content you need? That's ok! Michelle can suggest topics that will have your readers coming back for more. Michelle currently writes a popular daily wedding blog. She has also worked with dozens of businesses across many industries to create posts that both entertain and inform.


From newsletters to online and print publications, Michelle S is a pro at creating in-depth articles that resonate with readers. Michelle thrives on research and is comfortable writing for a wide variety of industries. She is also able to capture the tone best suited for the article, whether it is authoritative and professional or light and witty.

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