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Gracie M. is an avid reader and a passionate content creator. She has written close to a million words and has over two years of writing experience under her belt. While her current niche is in FinTech, she's got the research skills to craft articles on most topics, including but not limited to lifestyle, beauty, product descriptions, and CBD.

According to her clients, Gracie’s most delightful qualities are her attention to detail, her humor, and the ability to give written words an interesting flair or tone. Because of her scholastic nature, she likes to dig deep when researching and this automatically improves the quality of her work.

Before turning to a life of writing, Gracie studied chemistry and was working in a lab somewhere. Being a full-time freelance writer was a long-time ambition that she’s happy to have finally achieved. Since she switched careers, she’s never looked back and her writing skills get sharper with each article.

The way she sees it, writing is where her natural talents and passion in life intersect.
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Gracie’s current specialty is Fintech - personal loans, car loans, payday loans, and personal finance articles to be precise.

She also enjoys writing content on any topic as long as there’s sufficient research material. This includes product descriptions, relationships, construction, medical, and CBD.


Gracie loves reading all sorts of books and shopping in her free time. She’s an introvert, so she doesn’t go out much. In her opinion, the internet is one of the top best things to ever happen to humans.

She lives with her husband, who’s also a writer. Although she doesn’t have any children, she dotes on her nieces and nephews and loves to spend time with her family.


Polytechnic College

Gracie studied chemistry and biology for four years and was a laboratory technician before she took her white coat off for good. Her knowledge in this area still comes in handy when she has to do some scientific research, as she finds it easier to understand the material.


300 Projects Completed

Gracie has written extensively on personal loans, car loans, and payday loans. She mainly writes on how these financial products work so you can choose the best one for your needs.

CBD Products

54 Projects Completed

Gracie has written product descriptions for the CBD niche. She is adept at explaining the health benefits of CBD and how it differs from THC.


32 Projects Completed

Gracie has experience with popular personal finance topics such as budgeting, frugal living, financial planning, and wealth creation. Money management is one of her favorite topics and her articles have high readability and no fluff.

Green Living

26 Projects Completed

Gracie has written some articles on solar projects, the benefits of going paperless, and green finance/green loans. She enjoys helping people to "go green" with her well-researched work.


419 Projects Completed

Gracie has gained a lot of experience writing articles about personal loans, car loans, payday loans, and personal finance tips. Her writing style ranges from conversational and informative to business-like and instructional plus everything in between.

If you have got a certain tone or style you're looking for in your articles, all Gracie needs is a reference article and she nail it for you.

Blog Post

177 Projects Completed

Gracie has written many blog posts on various topics including personal finance, beauty, and relationships.

Product Description

69 Projects Completed

Gracie knows a thing or two about written product descriptions for CBD oils and topicals. Her previous work included explaining the health benefits of specific CBD products according to scientific research.

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