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- SEO optimized blogs and website copy
- Landing Pages
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- Email Sequences
- Psychology Today Profiles
- Meta Descriptions, Alt Tags, etc.
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- SEO tailored content
- Bringing voice to content
- Story telling


- Holistic Healers, i.e. Energy Healers, Sex Therapists, Integrative Physicians, Shamanic Healers, Mental Wellness Coaches, Trauma Therapists, Intuitive Healers, etc.
- Conscious businesses working to make a positive impact on the environment, culture, and society
- Intentional and ethical businesses


University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

Miss MHB 2011 - my very platform was based on teaching women to embrace their authentic beauty (a running theme in my work to this day)

Self Help

6 Projects Completed

Ah, self-help.

What a stigma this poor little guy carries.

But the truth is, we all need some help bettering ourselves.

Especially those of us who may not have had the strongest role models growing up.

She's written self-help articles that focus a lot on spirituality, inner guidance and intuition, mental health and wellness, and self-development/growth.

Does your work help others walk in their truest selves? Their highest potential?

Your work is profoundly valuable in our society, and something she passionately believes in. Let's talk.


5 Projects Completed

She's a mother.

So not only does she write about motherhood - she reads every stinkin thing she can get her hands on that will tell her how to be a better mother.


Because she doesn't want to raise little heathens, that's why.

Need help writing about family, parenting, motherhood, and little lion cubs? She's your gal. Hit her up today!


5 Projects Completed

You could say she has a particular bias with this topic.

Comes with the territory of experience she supposes.

She's written on motherhood, abortion, miscarriage, homebirth, mental health that's particular to the feminine experience, the divine feminine, female sexuality, and more.

If you are working to help women - liberate women - empower women - embolden women - then she is your writer.

Contact her today to see what a difference we can make together.

Blog Post

13 Projects Completed

SEO optimized blog posts on topics relating to:

- Mental Health and Wellness
- Integrative Medicine
- Self-Help and Development
- Copywriting and Marketing
- The Feminine Experience
- Feminine Sexuality
- Environmentalism

Web Page

10 Projects Completed

Web page copy introduces your prospects to your business - and if your copy isn't written well, then they'll keep walking to find someone else.

The copy that goes on your website also needs to be written with SEO tactics in mind.

Keyword research, target market research, and SEO writing tactics all come into play.

Length of copy also has an effect on your SEO.

Contact her today to talk about working on your website.


5 Projects Completed

Writing about ourselves is often the hardest writing task of all.

So getting someone else to do it - whew!

She can write your bio (such as a Psych Today profile) to:

- Showcase your strengths
- Tell others how you serve them
- Make you look like the hero you are (and how nice is it knowing that you're not tooting your own horn - she is tooting it for you!)

Contact her today to get that horn blarin.


5 Projects Completed

FAQs are a powerful page to have on your website.

They're an opportunity to:
- Boost your SEO with long-tail keywords
- Answer all of your prospects questions and build trust
- Add quality and authority to your site

BUT, they can be time-consuming to write.

Want to keep that time to yourself?

Contact her today 😊?

Landing Page

5 Projects Completed

Also known as Sales Pages, Landing Pages are an integral part of your business.

They are the salesman standing behind the cash register, answering your clients' questions as they're pulling out their wallet.

And if your salesman isn't doing a good job of answering, then your client might just put the wallet back in their pocket and walk out of the store (or mosy on to another website).

Landing Pages don't generally require SEO magic. What they DO require is skilled copywriting techniques, client-base knowledge, and a strong, properly placed CTA.

Contact her today so we can work together to craft the ultimate landing page for your business.

Email Copy

5 Projects Completed

Building your client base is largely about building relationships.

But you can't exactly sit down with coffee with all of your prospects.

Next best thing?

Email sequences.

With emails, you inform your prospects about you, your product/service, your proof, and then of course, you guide them into becoming clients or customers.

Don't have time for writing your email sequences?

Contact her today to work out a plan.

Case Studies

5 Projects Completed

Case Studies are some of the best pieces of copy you can invest in.


Because they're a chance for your (happy) customers to sell you and your products/services FOR you.

Let her ask you a question -
When you're about to purchase something or try out a new restaurant, what's the first thing you do?

If you said "read the reviews", then you're sitting right next to the 91% of aaalll the other folks who do the same.

With case studies on your site, you get to make sure that
a. Folks are reading the GOOD reviews about what you offer
b. The reviews are well written in a compelling manner that gets those folks to ACT

Contact her today to see about getting your case studies up and earning you $!!

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