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Mike D
Writer #5749
Joined 7/26/2012
5 Star Rating
7,977 Projects
67 Endorsements
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Michael began writing web content in 2011. Less than a year later, he went freelance and joined WriterAccess. Today, Michael has sold nearly 3 million words, completed nearly 4,000 orders and has been added to the Love Lists of over 300 clients across numerous industries. His ability to create clear, compelling content, while meeting the stylistic and SEO requirements of the format – whether it be blog, article, web page or white paper – makes him an ideal writer for a wide variety of projects.

What clients have to say about Michael’s work:

General Reviews Left By Clients:

"I've ordered over 230 articles related to chiropractic from both 5 and 6 star writers. I must say that yours are the best. Well done!

“Michael always pays attention to order specifics and produces great content!”

“Michael is quick to pick up my orders and REAL quick to turn them around. His writing does the job!”

“Would definitely hire again.”

“Outstanding Experience!”

“Added to our Love list! (And we're picky!) Great writer – great voice!”

“Michael – did an excellent job with exactly what I was looking for. He blew me away with how quickly he put together a really good article.”

Praise By Industry And Type Of Content:


– Article – ‘Exceeded my expectations’
“You are a great writer. I will be putting you into an elite group of writers for some higher quality content.”

– White Paper – ‘Exceeded my expectations’
“The client loves this piece. Well done.”

– Blog Post – ‘Exceeded my expectations’
“Thanks for rescuing these pages!”

Real Estate:

– Web Page – ‘Exceeded my expectations’
“Hi Michael, thanks for being consistently awesome with the content you write for these sites. I'm always stoked when you pick up one of these assignments, because I know I won't have to worry about the quality.”

– Web Page – ‘Exceeded my expectations’
“Once again, nothing but the best! Thanks Michael, I appreciate the fast turnaround too.”

Property Management:

– Web Page – ‘Exceeded my expectations’
“Fast and exceptional writing. It sounds unique and not repetitive. Thank you...”


– eBook/White Paper – ‘Exceeded my expectations’
“Awesome. "Spot on! It is as if he ran a job shop" as another co-worker commented before knowing the writer's background. We will be requesting this writer again in the future!”


– Blog Post – ‘Exceeded my expectations;
“Great job! Thanks for the great writing and research and the awesome turn around!”


– Article – ‘Exceeded my expectations’
“Once again, very impressed. Thank you!”


– Blog Post – Rated ‘Exceeded my expectations’.
“This is awesome, Michael. Thanks for your time.”


– Blog Post – ‘Exceeded my expectations’
“Wonderful, thank you!”


– Email Copy – ‘Exceeded my expectations’
“Great job, Michael!”


– Blog Post – ‘Exceeded my expectations’
“Bonus added. Exactly what we’re looking for. Going to have more work on Sunday posted, so check back if you’re interested...added you to our love list.”


– Blog Post - ‘Exceeded my expectations’
“Nicely done! Thanks. :)”


– Blog Post – ‘Exceeded my expectations’
“Very well written and exactly what I was looking for - thank you so much!!”


– Web Page – ‘Exceeded my expectations’
“Great work! We are excited to be working with you and look forward to working with you in the future.”

Home Living:

– Article – ‘Exceeded my expectations’
“This article is written very well; we will be love listing you and reaching out for further orders.”


– Article – ‘Exceeded my expectations’
“Good article. Thank you!”


– Article – ‘Exceeded my expectations’
“I love how your separated the strength of rumors and thank you for using the proper citations. Great article.”


– Article – ‘Exceeded my expectations’
“Well done Michael! This is fantastic. Thank you!”


– Article – ‘Exceeded my expectations’
“Nice work. Thanks.”

– Blog Post – ‘Exceeded my expectations’
“This was exceptional! Thanks so much.”


– Article – ‘Exceeded my expectations’
“Great stuff. I’ll keep em coming.”


– Article – ‘Exceeded my expectations’
“Great as always.”


– Article – ‘Exceeded my expectations’
“As usual, you did an excellent job. I would love to send you more stuff, how many assignments do you think you could handle from me each week?”


– Web Page – ‘Exceeded my expectations’
“Outstanding experience!”

The Perfect Writer For Your Web Content Needs

The long list of praise shows how Michael has helped hundreds of clients to produce the web content they need. Blogs, web pages, eBooks, white papers and email copy – he delivers the content necessary to achieve the objectives of his clients and does it in on deadline.

If you have any questions or are interested in seeing how Michael D can help with your content, please click the “Hire Me” button now!
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