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Mike helps clients achieve their content goals. Whether they need basic SEO oriented material or long, complex pieces involving extensive research, he has the skills and experience to produce it. His ability to grasp complex subject matter and explain it in simple ways makes his writing ideal for web content and explains why he receives consistently high ratings from clients.
Each client has different goals and desires for content. Mike can be relied upon to follow directions closely. He also has a talent for helping clients determine what they want to accomplish when they are uncertain of their underlying message. Working well with both major content providers and newcomers, Mike's personality leads many clients to place him on their Love Lists after a single order.


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Summary of Industry Experience

Real Estate

Mike has helped real estate agents develop strong content describing the many benefits of hiring an agent, both in the buying and selling process. From how to pick an agent to how to prepare a home for sale, he develops strong and valuable content that makes agents look good and encourages customer contact.


Mike started off in content writing working for various attorneys in different practice areas including consumer protection, brain injury, motorcycle accidents, personal injury and birth injuries. He discussed the nature of injuries, how to prevent such injuries and the legal ramifications of said injuries.
From attorney blogs he has gone on to write hundreds of web pages for lawyers all around the country on a range of legal services including divorce, family law, immigration law, bankruptcy, criminal law, juvenile law, estate planning, mediation, personal injury, motorcycle accidents, workman's comp law, real estate law and a variety of other practice areas.


Mike has written for numerous education clients, including articles on effective teaching, adult learning and online education. His work has focused on the best ways to teach, the value of education at any age and the promise of technology in education.


Mike has studied plant based diets, yoga and meditation for many years. After publishing an article in mediation, he moved on to write content for various clients in areas ranging from healthcare industry policies to healthy living. He has researched and written blogs on a variety of health concerns for law clients as well, including mesothelioma, cerebral palsy and brain injury. These ranged from descriptions of injuries and disease to preventative measures one can take to avoid them, as well as various treatments.


Mike's medical writing has focused on healthcare industry practices, nursing work and developments in the medical field that affect everyday people.
He has also written numerous blogs for attorneys in several practice areas, including cerebral palsy, mesothelioma and brain injuries. He has discussed different treatments, various aspects of each disease and the legal ramifications of such injuries.

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