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Alyssa R is a Florida Atlantic University graduate with bachelor's degrees in English and Multimedia Journalism. She is based in Miami, Florida. She has three years experience in fashion and style blogging, and has completed work ranging anywhere from site copy to restaurant reviews. Capable of many different writing styles, she is willing to cater to the needs of her clients and is always ready to kindly connect with potential new clients.


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Alyssa R has completed an ongoing number of blog articles about fashion, style and accessories. She has compiled color palettes for weddings, Polyvore composites, and other pieces about accessories. She has a great voice and finds a way to implement her own style in her writing without making it seem opinionated.

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Alyssa has written blog posts for a small jewelry company ranging on topics from fine jewelry to current events to fashion. Her voice is original and can engage the conversational atmosphere that blogs aim for. She has also recently launched her own personal blog and is improving upon her basic knowledge of SEO daily.

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