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John C
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Good poets make good copywriters. Writing poetry requires the same basic skills as writing for marketing purposes: working within a form but making it feel new, and always finding the right words and voice.

John holds a master’s degree in creative writing. He recently moved from NYC to LA. He doesn’t eat animals.
But here’s what you really want to know — my areas of expertise:

• Home Services: Upscale remodeling contractors. Electricians and HVAC. Personal experience with DIY projects including electrical, bathroom and kitchen renovations, home staging.
• Real Estate: Sales, construction, finance, market reports.
• Local Content: New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and anywhere in Texas (primarily Dallas and Houston).
• Healthcare: Legitimate western medicine and treatments only. No herbal or pseudo-scientific topics.
• Education: College admissions, graduate school, continuing education, law school (168 LSAT score). Will not write about for-profit bachelor’s degrees. Happy to write about vocational-technical certifications.
• Miscellaneous: Baseball, fantasy sports, movie reviews, book reviews, guest speaking, public speaking, corporate bio ghostwriting, vegetarian and vegan cooking.
Green Products
Home Living
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Home service providers (HVAC, electrical plumbing, any kind of renovation or remodeling).


Minimalism. Also: veganism, pet adoptions, baseball, poetry, interior design, and fashion.


University of North Texas

A devotee of writing and literature, John focused on creative writing beginning in undergraduate school and earned academic awards and publications for his essays, poetry, and fiction.

The New School

John earned the terminal degree of creative writing, the Master of Fine Arts, from a prestigious arts school in New York, NY. Taught by the highest caliber of faculty, John excelled in this program and has flourished since as both a poet and essayist.

Home Living

2,008 Projects Completed

John has written blogs and ebooks for home service providers across North America. This includes HVAC repair companies, electricians, plumbers, roofers, and also specialty industries like artificial turf for desert climates. His robust experience also includes writing the majority of content for a nationally franchised junk removal service and its California franchisees.


763 Projects Completed

Need to demonstrate thought leadership? John helps you find the words. He excels at "explainer" blog posts about industry trends, buzzword jargon, and the latest disruptive businesses. Verticals that he's written about include cloud computing, telecom, SEO/digital marketing, and a host of SMBs in the home, real estate, and financial services industry.


112 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

John has ties to a DBE outreach firm and has written extensively for construction companies, subcontractors, manufacturers and related businesses. His research skills an understanding of the industry provide you with content that represents your business well while communicating your ideas, products and services in a clear-cut manner that both colleagues and consumers can understand.


105 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

John has written extensively for auto-related topics from purchasing to maintenance. In addition to writing vehicle descriptions for vehicles and informational websites, he has also contributed to blogs and websites for parts and repair companies.

Real Estate

62 Projects Completed

John has written market analysis and buyer guides for NYC real estate and homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Nashville, Atlanta, and Los Angeles markets.


54 Projects Completed

From credit repair to personal banking choices, John has written articles and blog posts for several top websites in their respective industries. Combined with his own experience in business, John writes about finances, especially personal and household finances, with a well-researched expertise and a comfortable voice with which readers can connect.


40 Projects Completed

John has worked in a university office for years handling admissions, hosting public programs, and coordinating alumni communications. He has written for recruitment efforts extensively, as well as a variety of other educational topics from pre-school through doctoral programs. He holds a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing and went through the law school application process, gaining acceptance to several first and second tier programs; in short, he offers a range of experience in application and matriculation.


32 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

A lover of film, stage theater, sports and other entertainment, John has written for local and national entertainment venues. His content can hype up your event, help glamorize your town or area, or promote your own creative works.


31 Projects Completed

With plenty of experience in a variety of industries including working in a university office, John offers an understanding of both career training in schools and advancement within the workplace. He's written about everything from vocational programs to office etiquette, and you can feel confident that John will take the time to get in tune with your company and industry and write in a voice that best represents what you want.

Green Living

30 Projects Completed

John's career background includes managing a major holistic products and natural home goods retail store. With an understanding of ingredients and materials used in green products and first-hand experience living a life of eco-friendly decisions every day, John brings authenticity and sincerity to writing about green living.


27 Projects Completed

A foodie in the NYC scene, John has held positions at multiple websites reviewing restaurants and supplying recipes and tips. A vegan himself, John writes best about ethics and sustainability in the food industry, healthy eating, and any other food topics not explicitly about animal products.

Green Products

20 Projects Completed

John's career background includes managing a major holistic products and natural home goods retail store. With an understanding of ingredients and materials used in green products and first-hand experience living a life of eco-friendly decisions every day, John brings authenticity and sincerity to writing about green products.


20 Projects Completed

Having traveled most of western Europe and lived in every time zone of the U.S., John has gotten around and written all about it. A fiend for reward miles and special deals but also a veteran of high-end vacations internationally, John knows how to write content for travel industry customers of all kinds.


15 Projects Completed

Having managed two clothing stores, John brings inside knowledge of fashion to his already impeccable writing skills. Comfortable with everything from high-end women's fashion to penny-pinching back to school advice for families, John can write about on-trend fashions in a way that engages the reader and earns their trust. You can trust that John will provide very current info that looks forward and offers unique content to give your website its own voice for fashion today.


15 Projects Completed

A healthy-living vegetarian, John has relatives with just about every dietary restriction and brings firsthand knowledge of science and practical matters when it comes to nutrition. He has written gluten-free recipes, advice for diabetics, and especially has focused on proper nutrition for vegetarians and vegans.


10 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

As a Manhattan resident, John brings experience dealing with planes, trains, and automobiles on a frequent basis. He's written for limo services, fleet services, and on general topics regarding the transportation industry. With business understanding and customer service expertise, John knows how to communicate effectively for both end consumers and business-to-business purposes.


10 Projects Completed

Formerly a manager of a hiking and rock climbing store, John has plenty of scientific knowledge of proper fitness techniques and habits. He writes about fitness with well-researched information and guarantees that he will offer reliable, trustworthy information. Perhaps more importantly, John engages the audience and builds their trust, so you can rest assured that your readers will want to come back for more.


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