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Brittany is a writer, editor and science & tech geek. When it comes to her freelance work she is a generalist, having written for travel companies, law offices, construction companies, and retail businesses. Previously, she worked as a project verification coordinator/proofreader for Kohl's Department Stores, proofreading and editing a variety of print and digital advertising & marketing projects to ensure offer accuracy, format, and clarity.

When it comes to copywriting, copyediting and proofreading, Brittany believes good copy comes from simplicity, good form, and respect for the consumer. Intriguing copy is distinctly different from cheesy copy.

For her academic and journalistic work, Brittany's general writing philosophy is one of both empathy and genuine passion: things like science and technology aren't hard to understand, we make them hard to understand. By taking the time to explain and analogize with the same rhetorical fervor some use to make science, technology, and (especially) medicine seem foreign and frightening, good writers can give the public a clearer understanding of--and interest in--what's happening. With any luck, they might develop a craving. The idea that technical details and data are inherently "un-cool" is completely off-base; people need to be given a chance to understand why having data is cool. They don't have to know how it was gathered, they just have to be shown that they're smart enough to see how it fits. Dumbed-down summaries of science that leave it open to public misinterpretation are worthless. Understanding is cool.

Aside from writing and editing, Brittany also nurtures a love of science and geek culture. Having been academically trained in both ecology and technical communication, she plucks the threads of seemingly-complicated study and weaves them into plain-English commentaries on the state of science, technology, rhetoric and futurism. Brittany is an enormous video game enthusiast, and has written multiple pieces on news, stereotypes and gender in gaming. She also thrives on science fiction and is currently working on a full-length novel in the genre.

Interesting titles Brittany has held in the past include: bookstore clerk, biology lab assistant, houseboat deckhand, wildlife rehabilitator, electronics salesperson, technical editing teaching assistant, corporate regulatory affairs professional, marketing proofreader and celebrity jack-o-lantern pumpkin artist.
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Copywriting/copyediting, science/technology writing, technical writing, marketing, blog posts, non-fiction science and video game articles and reviews, academic/theoretical research, fiction writing


Science, science fiction, technology, video games, music, art, gender, LGBT(QIA) issues, rhetoric


Winona State University

At Winona State University in Winona, MN, Brittany conducted capstone research on an experimental drawdown of Mississippi River reach 5, worked as a student laboratory assistant in the University's Large River Studies Center, and served as an occasional member of the University houseboat crew. Brittany was a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and the Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society, and graduated Cum Laude with a 3.26 GPA.

University of Minnesota

At the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN, Brittany explored gender issues and advertisement in video games, fair use of television, movies, and music in fan-made videos ("fanvids"), and more. She was also the recipient of the 2009-2010 Industrial Affiliates Program fellowship with U.S. Bank, through which she developed a concept for a web-based budgeting interface. This interface became the focus of her major research project, "Visual design and usability in a web-based budgeting interface: a case study." She graduated with honors with a 3.9 GPA.


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Brittany worked 3 years for a major U.S. retailer as a proofreader and copyeditor for the company's print ads, website sales events, e-mails, and other digital and print marketing materials. She has also written marketing copy for a wide variety of clients as a freelance writer. Marketing topics have included real estate, technology, construction services, automobiles/dealerships, home decorating, outdoor lighting and many more.


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Brittany has been exploring the realms of video gaming since childhood. She developed a love for video games through playing with her father, and her interests quickly blossomed to span all kinds of genres and platforms. She has since developed a special interest in gender issues in gaming, particularly with regard to design, marketing, and stereotypes.


26 Projects Completed

Brittany has also written about technology for multiple clients via WriterAccess and other channels. Project types have ranged from news articles on changes in technology markets to simple product reviews. Topics have included home servers, Chromebooks and education, recreational R/C drones, tablet security, dual phase immersion cooling (server cooling), Xbox One deals, data center construction/consolidation (articles about St. Jude and NASA), IT humor, Apple devices and eCommerce, IT trends, green data centers, virtualization/cloud computing and more.


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Brittany has long been fascinated by science and technology, and holds both a B.S. in Ecology from Winona State University and an M.S. in Scientific and Technical Communication from the University of Minnesota. Through the years, she has worked as a wildlife rehabilitator, laboratory assistant, and R&D regulatory professional. She has also performed research on a drawdown of upper Mississippi river reach 5, and written multiple academic papers on such topics as animal behavior, science policy, and food web ecology.

Since graduating from her Master's program in 2011, Brittany has been writing regularly on professional and industrial science and technology topics for a variety of clients, including the European GNSS Agency.

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Brittany has completed engaging blog posts on a variety of topics for many different clients. Topics have included: real estate, humor/satire, IT & general technology, viral content (Buzzfeed-like), law (lawyers/lawsuits), exercise, lawn care, business, music (indie hip hop), retail/marketing, interior decorating, emergency preparation, car insurance, veterinary care and more.

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Brittany has also provided copy for many web pages/websites across various industries. Topics have included: driver's ed programs, retail/marketing, music production sales, travel/vacation resorts, vehicle specifications, construction equipment rentals, medicine and more. Her most in-depth project thus far has been a roughly 18,000 word set of web pages for a spinal surgeon's office, most of which included medical content about various spinal conditions.


49 Projects Completed

Brittany has written multiple articles on a variety of topics for clients through WriterAccess. Topics and industries have included construction safety, US autism rates, family life, city health rankings, real estate, car maintenance & repair, sports, the sex industry, technology and more.

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