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Alex started a web host in college. Utilizing digital marketing techniques, he grew it to several hundred clients. Three computer servers powered the business. A few months prior to graduation, Alex sold the business.

Alex has been a freelance writer for roughly five years. Before that, he worked in finance for approximately five years at a corporate bank.

He has also had success with real estate. Alex has successfully flipped a house for a healthy profit and owns a triplex.
Real Estate


Alex has the most experience being a general writer and blogger. Topic research is his specialty, but he has written the occasional thought leadership article and PR news release.

For his web host business, he did the copy writing and it was able to grow to several hundred clients.


Alex has a natural interest in personal finance. He regularly sticks to a budget. He owns real estate and started his Roth IRA contributions at 18. He likes to think of ways to save money.

Fitness is a major hobby of Alex. He has had a lot of success with weight lifting. For cardio, Alex likes to run and regularly participates in organized races with his friends.

He greatly enjoys cooking. He has taken cooking classes.

Self improvement is also of natural interest. He has read all the classics and some new ones too.

Alex is a big tech nerd and likes to have the latest gadgets. He had a successful tech business in college.

Alex enjoys investing in financial markets. He subscribes to a financial newspaper and regularly trades stocks.


University of Massachusetts - Amherst

*Awarded distinguished achievement award from economics department.
* Senator for two terms (ALANA caucus seat)
3.825 GPA


50 Projects Completed

Alex worked in finance at a global bank prior to being a freelance writer. In college, he started and grew a web host to several hundred clients before selling it.

He has written dozens of articles on operating a business.


20 Projects Completed

Personal finance is a personal interest of Alex. He set up his first Roth IRA contribution when he was 18. He owned his first rental property when he was 30. Alex regularly makes budgets and financial plans. He handles all his investing. He also uses software to help him make decisions.


17 Projects Completed

Alex worked in finance for five years at a global bank. The job was in operations and involved settling cash for a mutual fund giant. Reconciliations had to be performed daily to make sure positions tied out.

In addition to that, Alex is a real estate investor. He had to deal with banks to get his mortgages.

Real Estate

10 Projects Completed

Alex has successfully identified an undervalued nearby market and purchased two small apartment buildings there. He renovated them both and sold one of them for sizable profit. The other he keeps for the monthly cashflow.


10 Projects Completed

In college, Alex started a web host and grew it to several hundred clients. He did all of the digital marketing, including search engine marketing and copywriting.

Alex has also did two digital marketing internships. One of them involved social media and the other involved PR.


252 Projects Completed

All articles are well-researched and optimized for search engines.

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