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Phaea C. is an information, marketing, and entertainment writer. Her clients include Nintendo of America, SEGA of America, Nickelodeon, and Kirkus Media. Phaea C. worked as the head writer of the Nintendo based marketing/entertainment shows Nintendo Week and Nintendo Update. She has a lot of experience working closely with Direct Consumer Communications groups and IP Approvals departments to implement consistent, appealing messaging. Phaea C. believes that no matter how technical information is, it can still be presenting in a fun, engaging manner.

Most recently, Phaea C. has worked as the creative copywriter for the eCommerce company Cartera Commerce creating everything from seasonal campaigns to emails, banner ads, and blog posts.


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Phaea C. is the lead copywriter in the marketing department of Cartera Commerce, a leading eCommerce company that runs rewards-based shopping sites. Previously, she wrote freelance copy for Boston-based ad agencies and New York-based small businesses.

Phaea C. was promoted from staff writer to head writer of the entertainment/marketing show Nintendo Week, which ran for 122 episodes on the Nintendo Channel. Phaea C. is the writer and producer of the current Nintendo marketing series Nintendo Update. Phaea C. also writes freelance promo copy for the Nickelodeon International kids series "Winx Club".

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Phaea C. was the head writer for the Nintendo branded entertainment and marketing shows Nintendo Week and Nintendo Update for 125 episodes. She co-wrote episodes of the children's TV programs NATURE CAT and WORD GIRL for PBS, SONIC BOOM for the Cartoon Network, and THREEDIOTS for Nintendo Video. She also has experience writing radio ads.

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