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Nick C. is a writer with years of experience in sales, athletics, and social media marketing. He is a former Divison-III collegiate baseball player and former furniture salesmen. As well as launching a full-fledged online rap persona in his younger days, he has learned how important daily content and marketing is to drive sales and business. With over 200,000 listens garnered on the popular music streaming platform, "Soundcloud," Nick has shown the ability to market himself in an industry flooded with competitors.

Nick most recently covered the Charlotte Hornets basketball team and the US Men's National Soccer team in addition to the New England Revolution. This was Nick's latest writing experience since he was the Editor and Chief of his high school newspaper. That experience years ago sparked the work he does today. His background as a college athlete makes reporting, analyzing, and creating clickable content about sports easily attainable for him.

His sales background has given him insight into how a business needs to be run in an online setting. He uses his sales skills that he acquired over his years of sales experience and implements that directly into his writing. With his friendly, approachable, but the informative tone in which he writes.

Nick is currently working part-time as a Tech Sales Associate, focusing on another passion of his. He does not consider himself a "tech writer," but he has learned vast amounts of information about the latest and greatest tech products on the market today from his new occupation. Opening many doors to write and produce content about anything related to tech products.
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Nick C. specializes in blogging and journalism. He uses his prior experience in the journalism and sales field to help drive conversation and conversion while providing detailed and cited facts.

He will provide detailed, cited journalism articles on various topics (with a focus on sports).
He will also provide analytical, conversation provoking blog posts on topics including; sales, tech products, sports, collectibles, social media marketing.


Nick C. is interested in a wide range of topics. He has been a part of the collectibles industry for years and has a successful business he runs part-time. He sells sports cards at high-prices, some that are very rare and highly collectible. His background in sports makes it easy to say that he is very interested in athletics. He stays up-to-date with all of his favorite sports teams, which range from New York all the way to England.

Nick C. built up a following during his music career by learning how to market himself. With the help of college courses and online "how-tos", he was able to gain a large following. He is very proud to be the creator of the "Hit-The-Crane" dance. He single-handedly pushed it to become a viral dance on the now-defunct platform Vine. He has a deep interest in sales and social media/digital marketing, which translates very well into his writing.


Johnson & Wales University

Nick C. enrolled in Johnson & Wales University in 2015 to pursue his career in writing as well as media. He is planning to return within the year to finish his degree as circumstances outside of his control has prevented him from finishing his degree. He was also a member of the baseball team, earning a partial academic scholarship in part with his admittance and commitment to play at the University.


20 Projects Completed

Nick C. wrote for over a year covering the Charlotte Hornets as well as world soccer. He continues to keep up-to-date with everything that happens in the world of sports; from hot topics, big plays, breaking news and the next big prospects.

He has an ability to connect the sports seen on television, to print on a computer screen.

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Nick C. has created analytical blog posts diving deep into his opinions regarding the Charlotte Hornets. These posts have brought in thousands of viewers to the former site he wrote for. He is able to weave credible facts, his knowledge background and his personal thoughts into insightful blog posts that have brought in thousands of clicks over the last couple years.

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