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John W. is a seasoned freelance writer with over a decade of experience and thousands of articles under his belt. His work has been published on several high profile websites and he is also featured on a number of smaller health and wellness blogs. His drive to always learn new things has led him to write about complex topics across numerous niches, including law, finance, business, and healthy living.

He has extensive experience producing blog posts and articles. Most of these assignments have incorporated keyword placement for search engine optimization. He is an excellent storyteller and can produce white papers, product descriptions, web content, evergreen material, and more with ease.

John W. is known best by his clients as being able to present any topic in terms that the target audience can understand and relate with. He has worked with lawyers, auto dealerships, personal trainers, dog trainers, and nutrition blogs while demonstrating an ability to perform deep research on just about any topic he is given.
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John W. is able to provide content that suits your individual needs. Whether it is web content, product descriptions, landing pages, or white papers, he will pay close attention to the specific details and requirements that must be met.

He is experienced with WordPress and other content management systems. John also has extensive experience delivering SEO content and has the ability to place keywords organically so that the quality of his content does not suffer.

Prior to becoming a freelance writer, John W. worked in sales. He leans on this experience to deliver strong calls to action. John is able to present marketing content in a friendly and inviting tone that will make readers want to contact clients for more information.


When not behind his keyboard, John W. enjoys spending time with his four-year-old Australian Shepherd, working out, and keeping up with current events. He enjoys writing for pleasure, music, creating new recipes, and is an avid gamer.

Freelance work is fun for him because it allows him to learn about new things. He has written about many topics in the areas of law, medicine, finance, business, and healthy living. Some of the discoveries he has made have helped him make positive changes to his own life.

He is a lover of nature, art, and all things purple.


1,011 Projects Completed

John W. began working with an attorney early in his freelance career. Many of his first projects were writing for injury law firms and he continues to provide ghostwritten content on occasion for those in need of writing in legal niches.


200 Projects Completed

John W. went through a personal fitness journey that changed his life. He did extensive research on supplements, nutrition, and exercise while losing over 100 pounds and battling diabetes. He has provided content for personal trainers and health and wellness blogs so that he could share many of the strategies that worked for him.


123 Projects Completed

John has had dogs since he was just six years old. He was responsible for training any new dog that was welcomed into his home growing up. He has studied numerous training methods and teaches others how to communicate effectively with their own dogs.

He owns a four-year-old Australian Shepherd that knows close to 70 commands. Oliver is a trained search and rescue dog and is also trained to assist John by alerting him when his blood glucose level is low.

He has taken his passion for dogs into his writing and has had numerous articles published about dog psychology and training.

Blog Post

1,047 Projects Completed

Blog posts speak directly to existing and potential clients. John W. has been providing clients with blog posts for over a decade. He has experience using blog content to help businesses become more searchable on major search engines and to drive readers to request more information or purchase products and services.


1,022 Projects Completed

John W. is a versatile writer who can speak directly to an audience with authority and simplicity. What is most important is being understood. This is why John excels at presenting information in a clear and concise manner so that readers can learn something even when reading about the most complex subjects.

He has written thousands of articles for clients during his thirteen-year career as a freelance writer.

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102 Projects Completed

John W. has helped numerous businesses build web pages that communicate their goals, purpose, and value to potential customers. He knows how to use keyword placement to elevate a webpage's placement in search results and to write in a way that keeps visitors wanting to know more about a business's products or services.

White Paper

100 Projects Completed

John W. loves to learn new things. One of his most valuable skills is the ability to conduct thorough research on any topic and then to return a white paper that speaks with authority and conviction. He has written hundreds of white papers on topics such as finance, law, healthy living, business, and more.

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