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Kim A
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Kim A earned her Associates degree in Psychology as well as her bachelors in criminal justice. She has even written over 5,000 articles for another website as an author. She definitely has the experience. The articles that Kim has written has been on a wide range of different topics such as health, technology, and many more. Since she is a student, she has to write many different essays for her classes. She has so much experience in many different computer programs such as Word, and Excel. As a professional writer, she definitely plans on writing articles that can give all readers something to learn from. Writing has always been one of Kim's biggest passions for a very long time. She enjoys writing interesting topics. Some of her favorite categories to write on are health, business, and fashion. Her articles are never boring and tend to stand out amongst all other authors. There is nothing that is seen just as "usual" about Kim. She strives to accomplish all of her goals until they are met. She wants nothing but to be successful. Writing for other companies, helped her gained the necessary experience that she needs to advance a writing career if she really wants to. She had to start somewhere taking baby steps, until she managed to move on to the next level. She is definitely a hard worker, and will do whatever it takes to make her clients and readers extremely satisfied in every way they possibly can be.
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Kim enjoys writing essays, SEO articles, blogs, and many more. She has experience writing them all. Most of all, she enjoys typing, because computers are one of her biggest interests. Besides writing, she enjoys music. Music to Kim, is very relaxing and enjoying. She also enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends when she is not working.


Kim enjoys reading different types of books in her spare time. She has a passion for reading nonfiction stories, and even some that she can relate to. Those always tend to be the best. She also loves writing even when it is not being done for her job. Writing takes Kim's mind off of so many things and it helps her stay intertwined with life itself. She definitely looks forward to working with clients and giving readers what they want to see.


California Coast University

Kim is currently enrolled in school, taking online classes, for her bachelor's in criminal justice.


2,001 Projects Completed

Kim has written over a thousand articles just on health alone. These health topics vary from cancer, to different types of medications for patients. Health is one of her strengths in writing only because she knows so much about it without doing much research.

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629 Projects Completed

Kim has over a year of experience in writing blogs for a company online. She has written many different blogs about different subjects and topics. She can relate to almost all of the blogs that she has written in the past. She really enjoys blogging, especially in her free time.

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75 Projects Completed

Kim has written many webpage content articles. This is also on her top 3 primary list. She can put together anything the client asks her to write about even if she doesn't have the necessary expertise. She will do the research to learn about what she is writing prior to putting a piece together for any client.


35 Projects Completed

Kim has completed over 30+ article related posts on Writers Access. This tends to be one of her favorites to write about. Kim has written about golf clubs to personal loans. She does it all and can meet and exceed expectations when writing articles. All it takes is a little bit of research on the topic and the article will be completed within the specified time frame.

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