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Stacey C. has a Master's Degree in Human Resources Development from Indiana State University, a Bachelor's Degree in Aviation and a Computer Science Minor. Her past work experience includes flight instruction and flight shop manager for several small FBOs, computer programming and retail and account management.

Stacey has completed more than 3,000 articles, blog posts and webpages on a variety of residential, commercial and industrial topics, including:

- Aviation - Fixed Based Operators, Flight Training
- Affiliate Marketing (Amazon, Rakeuten, CJ)
- Addiction and Recovery - Substance Use Disorder
- Chiropractic Care - Chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, acupuncture, sciatica, herniated discs, lumbar stenosis, whiplash, frozen shoulder, sports injuries, car accident injuries
- Construction – Home Additions, Remodeling, Flooring, Roofing, Foundations (Think foundation anchors and such)
- Dental Care - People and Pets
- Energy Efficiency - Green Energy, Solar Panels, building envelope, lowering energy bills, Home and commercial energy-efficient upgrades
- Hardscaping - patios, retaining walls, etc
- Human Resources Development (HRD) - Workforce Training, Productivity and Retention
- Insurance - Home, Auto, Renters, Life Insurance, etc
- Landscaping - Trees, plants, shrubbery, curb appeal
- Mental Health - Primarily in relation to drug addiction (Dual Treatment)
- Heating and Cooling - Commercial and Residential HVAC, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, sick building syndrome
- Ophthalmology - eye care and eye health, eye surgery, cataracts
- Personal Finance - Budgeting
- Plumbing - Residential, Commercial, traditional and pipelining as well as Violations (Think NYC and their Environmental Control Board)
- Product Descriptions and Overviews - Long or Short
- Real Estate - Houses, neighborhoods, cities
- Veterinary Medicine - dogs and cats
- Website Design and SEO articles Related to Joomla - Joomla only. Joomla articles are $1 per word due to the fact that you must have a Joomla website and be a Joomla Website Admin to write these. (I've been a Joomla Website developer for 15 years)

Recommended Word Counts

When it comes to word counts, the wider the spread the better. Stacey C. can almost always write topics between 300 and 800 words. However, the trend is for longer webpages and blog posts, typically between 800 and 1,500 words. This is because Google has recently implemented code for human readability and quality and value of information, with the metric assuming that more words equals better quality.

-Product Descriptions: 75+
-Blog Posts: 400+
-Webpages: 500+
-Bio/About Us Pages: 300+
-Light Articles: 500+
-Detailed Articles: 800+
-Long-Form Articles/ Blog Posts: 1,000+


Please provide Stacey C. with at least your topic idea, keywords and a link to your company's/client's website and/or the company name as well as any specifics that you feel should be mentioned.


Prices include Writer's Access 30% fee (For example: You pay .35, writer gets .245 cents per word)

Less than 500 words: .35 cents per word
500 to 1,499: .30 cents per word
1,500 to 2,499: .25 cents per word
2,500 to 4,999: .20 per word
5,000+ Words: .15 per word

**The exception is Joomla articles. All articles related to Joomla are $1.00 per word.

For custom quotes and long term projects, feel free to message. I've love to hear about your new content needs for 2020.

More About Stacey C.

She has written and researched dissertations on work/life balance and the role it plays in employee morale and job satisfaction. She has written hundreds of articles on business and personal finance topics from how to save money on payroll to how to save money for retirement while making a low wage. She's researched and written numerous web copy pages for SEO purposes as a ghostwriter for construction, plumbing and landscaping companies, and she's written SEO-rich product descriptions for furniture, jewelry, clothing and costumes.

Her goal is to continue writing high-quality, informational and instructional content in order to keep her client's readers engaged and offer them insight and knowledge that keeps them coming back for more informative, thoughtful and entertaining content.
Real Estate
Web Page
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Stacey C specializes in writing promotional and informational web pages, blog posts, articles and social media posts. She is familiar with best SEO practices, including Google page ranker and SEO keyword finder.


Stacey C enjoys researching and studying various topics, including American history, DIY gardening, home renovations and energy efficiency. She writes and designs webpages and focuses on staying current with emerging online marketing trends, including the ever-changing SEO trends.


Indiana State University

Stacey C attended Indiana State University from 1995 until 2001. She earned a Bachelor's degree in aviation and a computer science minor.

Indiana State University

Stacey C graduated from Indiana State University with a Masters degree in Human Resources Development in 2010.


2,937 Projects Completed

Stacey C has researched and written more than 800 articles on traditional and alternative medical care, including:

Addiction and Recovery
Chiropractic Care
Dental Care
Eye Care
Massage Therapy
Mental Health Care
Sports Medicine

She is familiar with various conservative care treatments for back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, peripheral neuropathy, tennis elbow, runner's knee, frozen shoulder, Achilles tendonitis and whiplash.

She also writes articles and blog posts for eye doctors and is familiar with many common eye diseases and ailments, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and AMD.


456 Projects Completed

Stacey C has researched and written articles and web pages for a multitude of construction professionals, including:

General Contractors
HVAC Technicians
Paving Contractors
Remodeling Contractors

She's very knowledgeable on the types of roofs used on residential buildings and commercial businesses, including asphalt shingle, slate, metal and tile. She is also familiar with most commercial and home flooring products, including carpet, laminate, hardwood and vinyl as well as concrete and epoxy floor coatings for commercial and industrial businesses.

Residential Gutter Technology

Clean Gutters
Gutter Guard
Gutter Shield
Seamless and Traditional Gutters

To get your construction article, blog post or web page written, feel free to email Stacey through the WA messaging system or send her a solo.


354 Projects Completed

Stacey C is very familiar with most types of insurance policies, including:

Auto Insurance
Homeowners Insurance
Life Insurance
Renters Insurance

She can successfully write informative, understandable and SEO friendly insurance blog posts, articles and web pages as well as social media posts. She can also write about the various discounts most insurance providers offer, including multi-line, student, over-25 and safe driver.


303 Projects Completed

Stacey C has written more than 300 personal finance articles on a wide variety of topics, including how to find affordable housing, how to create a budget and how to deal with debt collectors and debt collection agencies. She is also familiar with payday loans. She loves writing finance articles that teach people how to manage their day to day finances.

To get an SEO optimized personal finance article written, feel free to send Stacey a solo or email her through the WA messaging system.

Real Estate

106 Projects Completed

Stacey C has written numerous articles, blog posts and web pages for the real estate industry. Her specialties include how to stage a home, light remodeling for a fast resale or to improve home value and informative real estate descriptions that are SEO optimized and designed to attract potential buyers.


75 Projects Completed

Stacey C has written several article on residential and commercial utilities, including gas, electric and water. Knowledgeable topics include rebates, incentive programs, water, gas and electrical assessments and utility upgrades for energy savings and environmental friendliness.

Blog Post

2,555 Projects Completed

Stacey C has researched and written SEO optimized, informative blog posts on a variety of topics, including massage therapy, chiropractic care, dental care, veterinary medicine, pet safety, personal finance, drug addiction, roofing, flooring, home remodeling, HVAC and landscaping as well as many other topics. She specializes in writing short, to the point blog posts between 250 and 350 words.

Web Page

1,533 Projects Completed

Stacey C is knowledgeable and experienced in writing SEO optimized homepages, splash pages, service pages, contact us pages and about us pages for a variety of professionals and industries, including general contractors, home remodelers, electricians, plumbers, painters and chiropractors. She has also written web pages for life coaches, dance studios, gyms, landscaping companies, masons, car dealerships and law firms.


169 Projects Completed

Stacey C. has written more than 50 articles for various industries and professionals, including plumbers, electricians, roofers, medical companies and holistic medicine practitioners. Article topics have included roofing maintenance, indoor air pollution, HVAC systems, addition treatment and recovery and real estate descriptions.

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