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Trina offers her clients a wealth of knowledge and personal experience related to the medical field, dental issues, mental health, physical therapy techniques, personal injury law, parenting and pet care.

Trina obtained her Phlebotomy Technician/Medical Laboratory Assistant Degree from an elite school created by Northern Indiana Medical Laboratory Services (NIMLS). NIMLS created this Laboratory Assistant Program to ensure that its graduates learned the proper techniques for obtaining a blood sample. As a bonus, Trina also received a Medical Laboratory Assistant Degree.

In 1993, Trina graduated from NIML's Lakeshore Medical Laboratory Assistant Training Program. She graduated at the top of her class. Directly thereafter, Trina became certified with the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP).

Unfortunately, in April of 1995, Trina suffered a permanent back injury; she reluctantly retired from her career as a Phlebotomist/Medical Laboratory Assistant.

In 1997, Trina obtained her degree in Medical Transcription from International Correspondence Schools (ICS) in Scranton, Pennsylvania (Currently Penn Foster).

Trina has personal experience working as a:

* Phlebotomist
* Laboratory Assistant
* Physical Therapy Assistant
* Medical Receptionist
* Medical Biller
* Medical Transcriptionist

Trina knows that creating content is definitely her calling; she dedicates herself to her career as a professional writer.

Trina's clients:

* Physicians/Surgeons
* Veterinarians
* Psychiatrists/Psychologists
* Chiropractors
* Dentists/Periodontists/Orthodontists/Prosthodontists

* Alcohol/Drug Rehabilitation Clinics
* Health Clinics
* Hospitals/Urgent Care Centers/Surgery Centers

* Radiology Specialists/Facilities
* Pharmaceutical Companies

* Insurance Companies
* Attorneys/Law Firms
* Real Estate Agents
* Mortgage Brokers
* Financial Advisers/Institutions
* Educational Establishments

* Vehicle Maintenance Facilities/Automobile Industry
* Security Companies/Law Enforcement Agencies

She creates:

* Articles
* Press Releases
* Personal/Company Blogs
* Informational/Instructional Documents
* Product Descriptions
* ebooks

Topics Trina frequently writes about include:

* Signs, Symptoms and Treatments for Medical Conditions
* Mental Health Issues

* Details Related to Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery and Procedures
* Expectations Before/After Surgery

* Dental Care
* General Dentistry
* Orthodontics/Prosthodontics

* Chiropractic Care/Injuries
* Physical Therapy Techniques/Modalities

* Prescription Medications/Homeopathic Remedies

* Beauty/Fashion

* Pet Care

* Restaurant/Product Reviews
* Vacation Destinations
* Surveys
* Advice Columns
* Parenting Practices

* Advertising Techniques
* Social Media Posts (Facebook/Twitter)
* SEO/Meta Descriptions
* Branding

* Real Estate Information
* Insurance (Health/Auto/Home/Pet)

* Automobile Diagnostics/Repair
* Air Purification Systems
* Construction
* Remodeling
* DIY Projects

* Law (Family/Criminal/Personal Injury)

* Instructional/How-To Content

* Pre-Op and Post-Op Instructions

* Recipes
* Diet Plans (Gluten-Free/Low-Sugar)

* Fitness/Health
* Green Living
* Disaster Preparedness

* Financial Planning/Budgeting
* Credit Score Improvement
* Mortgage/Loan Information

Whether Trina is writing a piece about an innovative medical procedure or various techniques used to train a new puppy, she is dedicated to giving her clients the interesting and unique content they deserve.
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Trina enjoys creating content related to the medical and health industries including: psychology, pathology, forensics, dental conditions, dental procedures, medical diseases, diagnostic procedures and treatments.

Trina also finds joy in writing content related to topics such as history, family, pets and law.


Trina cherishes the time she spends with her husband, daughter and their fur-baby, Cocoa. She also cares for their two parakeets (Banana and Kiwi).

Trina is blessed with a large extended family, including one brother, four sisters as well as 24 nieces and nephews. The holidays are a great time for her because the majority of the family meet to celebrate Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. She loves spending time with all of them.

Trina is passionate about cooking. She likes to try different cuisines. Cuisines that Trina has tried include Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Indian and Thai.


Crown Point High School

Trina's business courses include:
* Word processing
* Shorthand
* Typing

Northern Indiana Medical Laboratory Service's (NIMLS) Lakeshore Medical Laboratory Training Program

This is a fast-track course offered by Lakeshore Medical Laboratory Training Programs, Inc. This program is designed for individuals who can attend classes full-time for a period of three months.

Only a handful of students are accepted into the program each year. Students are chosen based on test scores and personal interviews with staff. Trina was accepted into the program in March of 1993.

As a Phlebotomist, Trina:

* Collected blood specimens from patients
* Entered billing data into the computer
* Answered the telephone
* Collected sputum and urine samples from patients
* Performed TB tests (and read them)
* Collected Chain of Custody specimens (used for drug and alcohol testing)
* Collected throat samples from patients to test for Streptococcal pharyngitis (aka Strep throat)

As a Laboratory Assistant, Trina:

* Ensured all the lab equipment was working properly (using a Quality Control Checklist)
* Checked the temperatures on the incubators/refrigerators throughout the lab
* Plated cultures on various mediums (urine, sputum, wound and stool)
* Prepared the Hemoccult and rotavirus tests for the technicians to read
* Performed laboratory tests (urinalysis, urine pregnancy and rapid strep tests)

Trina graduated from the Laboratory Assistant/Phlebotomy training program with an overall score of 95 percent.

To view Trina's transcripts, please visit:


International Correspondence Schools (ICS) - (Currently Penn Foster)

Trina transcribes dictation ranging from a simple doctor's office visit to a technical surgical procedure. Trina obtained her Medical Transcription degree in April 1997. She has an impressive overall course score of 91 percent.

To view Trina's transcripts, please visit:



617 Projects Completed

Trina has a great interest in all topics related to health, wellness, herbal supplements and remedies. Her personal and professional experience in these areas makes her the ideal writer for any client looking for accurate, clean and interesting content.


598 Projects Completed

Dental Industry

For many years, Trina has been creating content for a variety of dental professionals. She writes for clients here on WriterAccess and has personal clients elsewhere. As such, Trina has gained a wealth of knowledge in this industry.

Trina writes content for:

-General Dentists.
-Pediatric Dentists.
-Dental Hygienists.
-Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

Besides providing unique, interesting blogs, procedures pages and emails, Trina writes Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn posts. She is also very familiar with writing SEO-optimized content, meta titles and tags.


597 Projects Completed

Before Trina began her career as a professional writer, she worked in the medical field. Trina enjoys researching and then writing about advancements in medical and dental technology, and techniques.

She also writes about the various causes, symptoms, medications and treatments for conditions related to both mental and physical health.


295 Projects Completed

-Runway Fashion
-Red Carpet Reviews
-Hairstyle, Nail and Makeup Trends
-Women's Fashion
-Men's Fashion
-Children's Fashion


260 Projects Completed

Trina writes website content for numerous law firms. She also writes blogs and articles related to federal, state and military law.

Trina writes articles/blogs related to:

* Family Law
* Criminal Law
* Celebrity Legal Matters
* Personal Injury Law
* Worker's Compensation

Whether a client needs a piece related to drug abuse, a DUI arrest or a divorce, Trina has experience writing content related to all of these topics.


212 Projects Completed

Another one of Trina's favorite topics to write about is kids/family. She has a daughter and enjoys researching topics related to children and various family matters. She writes documents related to family-friendly restaurants and vacation destinations. Trina also writes about the effects of addiction on all family members, including the addict.


183 Projects Completed

Trina writes articles and blogs that relate to a variety of career choices as well as the courses offered at colleges and universities across the country.

She offers information related to becoming an exchange student, as well as obtaining school grants and student loans.

Home Living

168 Projects Completed

Trina creates articles/blogs pertaining to home living, including:

* DIY Projects
* Maintenance
* Interior Design

* Safety
* Alarm Systems

* Remodel
* Landscaping Techniques

* Entertaining

Trina writes content for clients ranging from entertaining ideas to detailing the steps of maintaining a furnace.


135 Projects Completed

Trina writes about various outdoor activities.

She writes content related to:

* Horseback Riding
* Equestrian Training Centers

* Camping
* Hiking
* Swimming

* Gardening
* Outdoor sports

* Pool Maintenance

Trina also writes articles and blogs about staying safe during outdoor activities; furthermore, she addresses the importance of properly maintaining outdoor equipment.


129 Projects Completed

Trina loves to cook and learn about the nutritional content of food. She writes articles and blogs related to specialized diets for weight loss, diabetes and autism.


107 Projects Completed

Trina writes content emphasizing the importance of making a brand known.

She also writes informative material that relates to various nationwide companies.

Trina is also experienced in writing content for SEO purposes.


81 Projects Completed

Trina writes content related to mortgage loans, auto loans, student loans and other issues related to credit.

Trina has life experiences in:

* Establishing a Home Budget
* Improving Credit Rating
* Purchasing a Home
* Refinancing

* Obtaining a Mortgage, Student Loan, Auto Loan and Credit Cards

* Medical Billing/HCFA Claim Forms
* Insurance Payment Posting

* Balancing Daily Books
* Preparing Bank Drops


60 Projects Completed

Trina writes articles related to various hobbies including:



-Outdoor Sports

-Horseback Riding
-Animal Care/Pets


-Nail Design
-Flower Arranging



53 Projects Completed

Trina enjoys writing light-hearted, witty and humorous content for car repair shop, dating, family and parenting sites.

Blog Post

783 Projects Completed

Trina frequently writes blog posts for:

* Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons
* Cardiologists
* Dentists
* Othodontists
* Oral Surgeons
* Periodontists
* Prosthodontists
* Health and Wellness Websites
* Chiropractors

* Law Firms
* Attorneys

* Dental and Health Insurance Companies

* Security Companies

* Websites Dedicated to Green Living
* Educational Information and Career Choice Websites
* Driver’s Education Schools

* Parenting Websites
* Websites Dedicated to Children and Pets

Trina enjoys writing blog posts, especially those related to the medical field and family matters. She can be technical or she can be fun.


514 Projects Completed

Trina enjoys writing articles that relate to innovative medical procedures and products, legal matters, breaking news, as well as celebrity news and gossip.

Although she has the ability to write content that is informative and technical, Trina enjoys writing humorous, lighthearted content as well. If you need a dedicated writer that you can count on, Trina is the writer for you!

Web Page

504 Projects Completed

Trina creates web page content for physicians, surgeons, dental professionals, veterinarians, law firms, educational facilities, beauty and fashion companies, websites dedicated to healthy living, focusing on environmental protection and family matters.

Press Release

66 Projects Completed

Trina writes press releases for companies announcing new products, grand openings, as well as for entertainers and charity organizations announcing upcoming events.

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