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Heather V has been a freelance writer, journalist and interviewer for close to 20 years. During that time she has worked in all media: TV, radio, print and online. She received her Bachelor's Honor Degree from York University in Toronto, and took various journalism courses at Ryerson University, the University of Toronto, George Brown College and Granton Institute of Technology. She is currently an active writer, blogger and editor in the fields of business, personal development, art, health, parenting and family. She has authored one book and co-authored two, plus several e-books. Her aim is always to write informative and thought-provoking, yet fun and easy-to-read, writing that offers value to the reader for a short time investment.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Heather V has been writing about business and entrepreneurship for several years, and has written for some top business and marketing clients. Her specialties include small business, SOHO, entrepreneurship, internet marketing and more.


Heather V has certifications in sports nutrition and childhood fitness & nutrition. She has written extensively on physical and mental health for Livestrong.com, authored a regular mind-body-spirit health column for Life as a Human, and has blogged on the topic for several websites.

Non Profit

Heather has written articles, web content, blog posts and press releases for several non-profit groups including the Toronto Humane Society, the Billions Rising Foundation and the Adoption Awareness Foundation.

Self Help

Heather has done extensive work in the self-help industry including audio and video interviews, articles, blog posts, books, e-books and more.


Heather V has written articles on kids and family for numerous publications including Education.com, eHow, Livestrong, YoungUrbanMom.com, Mamajamba.com and Small World Toys. Topics include parenting, children's health, and personal development for kids.


Heather writes on arts and entertainment in Las Vegas, and in the past has written about the Toronto entertainment scene. Her main beats include art show reviews, concert reviews, show profiles, celebrity interviews and more.

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