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Eli K
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Eli K has been a published writer since he was 15 years old and began working for The Austin Chronicle when he was in high school. After graduating with a double major BFA in Writing, Literature and Publishing and Journalism from Emerson College in Boston, he moved to Los Angeles where he worked as a screenwriter and producer for Fox Television Studios and subsequently began his own web series production company called Sweater Pants Productions. At the same time, he continued a journalism career, writing for national and regional magazines like Los Angeles magazine, 944, Venice and Zink. Currently, he writes weekly and monthly features and reviews for both online and print editions of Blackbook, Paste and CulturePop, among many other websites, sometimes under a pen name.


Eli K specializes in analyzing and critiquing across the creative field, as just about everything can be reviewed in some way, shape or form. Film, television, fiction, photography, art are all worlds he has spent most of his life in, as he grew up with parents who were professional artists and surrounded him with creativity.


Eli K is an obsessive sports fan, a music lover from his Austin, Texas upbringing and an avid viewer of television and film, due to the fact that he grew up watching his parents work in the industry. He loves being outside and playing games, from basketball to endless games of ping pong. Traveling is a must multiple times per year, as new experiences keep him and his work as sharp as possible.


Emerson College

ELI K graduated from Emerson College in Boston with a BFA, majoring in Writing, Literature and Publishing and a minor in Journalism. He'd found a job in Los Angeles before graduating.


559 Projects Completed

Eli K has written profiles, reviews and features on numerous actors, directors, producers, personalities, etc. in Hollywood for magazines like Blackbook, Venice, Los Angeles, 944 and Zink. He has interviewed everyone from Hugh Hefner to Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Richard Linklater.


71 Projects Completed

Eli K travels a lot for my work and his girlfriend travels a lot for hers. Since he is fortunate enough to be freelance full time, he often goes with her and gets to experience moving around a lot. So Eli K has done a few travel articles and would love to do more. Eli K has lived in Europe for 6 months, spent a month in Japan and South America and has travelled just about everywhere in North America.


66 Projects Completed

Being from Austin, Tx, Eli K has been inundated with music from a very young age, so writing about it was destined to be a part of my future. He has written primarily for Blackbook covering SxSW and Paste, doing profiles on different musicians.


57 Projects Completed

Eli K has written articles that were basically just humorous pieces for a umber of publications like 944, CulturePop, Los Angeles Magazine, Blackbook and The Austin Chronicle. He feels like having an opinion and sense of humor about life, culture, politics, you name it is key in this day and age.


50 Projects Completed

While Eli K hasn't written a lot about sports, he is a sports addict. He watches and follows everything, with the exception of NASCAR. He loves reading sports blogs and wants to start writing about sports more regularly, as he knows a ton about it.


33 Projects Completed

Eli K has written a number of entertaining, out of the box food reviews for publications like CulturePop.com, 944, Zink and The Austin Chronicle. He likes food reviews that say something about the world around them, not just opinionated stuff about the "perfect" way for food to be made. Because everyone has an opinion...


1,453 Projects Completed

Eli K. has written thousands of news and magazine articles over the past 15+ years. He knows how to write formally in news-style as well as more creatively for a culture or lifestyle magazine. His work is regularly published both in print and online nationwide.

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