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As a graduate of the University of Louisville in Louisville, KY majoring in History and minoring in English, it is no wonder that Lauren has cultivated her writing and time management skills. She has been a freelance writer for the duration of her college career and writes for several freelance content sites like Associated Content, The Content Authority, Textbroker, Content Current and many more. She has a wide variety of skills and interests as well as a healthy set of research skills. She enjoys writing articles on a variety of topics and has experience in writing articles, various copy, eBooks, and other varieties of content. She is willing to devote several hours a day to writing excellent and interesting content. Lauren has ample experience when it comes to content production and she has been working as a freelance writer for the past three years. Her skills and knowledge have broadened with experience and as such she is ready and willing to learn about new things and work on projects that may not be in the norm for her. She enjoys being able to work with clients to find the writing style and content that they desire and is willing to spend time researching to provide ample evidence to support any claims that are made in her work. She has been a freelance writer for over 10 years and enjoys every second of it.
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Lauren can work on a variety of content and is willing to do necessary research to make each piece as unique as the client. Her specialties include website content, informative pieces, as well as blog content. Research is never an issue and she is willing to go that extra step to make sure that each piece fits the content brief and the expectations of her clients.


Lauren spends much of her free time reading, while fiction is the genre of choice, non-fiction concerning historty is also a favorite. When not writing freelance for income, Lauren also likes to write fiction and other prose. During the summer months she is able to devote large amounts of time to freelance writing and enjoys working on large projects like eBooks or multiple article orders to help fill her time.


Jefferson Community and Technical College

While at Jefferson Community and Technical College Lauren focused on English Literature as her major. She attained an associates degree in the field prior to transferring to a four year college.

University of Louisville

Lauren has completed her bachelor's degree in History with a focus in the Humanities and a minor in English Literature.


62 Projects Completed

Lauren has written several articles on this topic and has also helped edit and complete an eBook on the subject. She is well versed in this area and works quickly and efficiently to get the job done. She also enjoys experimenting with new products and techniques in her spare time.


53 Projects Completed

Lauren not only works as a freelance writer but also completes craft projects including brochures, flyers, and invitations. As a frequent crafter she is well versed in different styles and mediums. She works with customers to help find the perfect style and project for them and also crafts for fun in her free time.


10 Projects Completed

Lauren has published several eBooks of her own and has worked with several clients to get their copy ready for virtual publishing. She is well versed in several publishing options including traditional print and virtual publishing. Editing and copy production are her specialty but she is willing to learn new skill sets and positions.

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2,658 Projects Completed

Lauren has written for several different websites and several of the projects therein were blog posts. She can quickly work out a 200 word post that contains all the information that is critical to the project without much trouble. Though she does ejoy adding extensive detail to longer pieces, she can quickly cut it down to fit any length.


1,010 Projects Completed

Lauren has written over 200 articles in her freelance career and as such has ample experience in the field. She can write articles of varying length and understands the importance of SEO. Lauren is highly skilled at creating articles that are both interesting and informative. She is also willing to learn new techniques and can tailor each article to each client.


22 Projects Completed

Lauren has worked with several writers to help complete content and edit existing content to fit into a coherant eBook style. She has also published several of her own fiction works in eBook form. Though she has never published a book in traditional print, she has studied the industry.


13 Projects Completed

Lauren has created several different brochures for companies around the town where she lives. She has also completed several other projects that include flyers, business cards, invitations, announcements and much more. She is well versed in this field and ejoys this type of project.

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