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Nicky D
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Nicky helps companies tell their story. Whether you need a single piece of stand-out collateral, new or updated website content, or a rethink of your company’s messaging and its consistency throughout everything you do, she can help.

She has more than 20 years of B2B marketing experience, with a technology background, and can quickly understand your company, your products and services, your market, and your customers and get going straight away on delivering results.

From ideas to execution, it’s about defining, articulating, and communicating the right messages to the right people at the right time and in the right way. This is what she does.

Do you know exactly what makes your company shine, what you can do that’s different from everyone else, and what you want people to think and do when they read your website and other marketing materials? Whether you call it brainstorming, customer journeys, thought leadership, research, or strategizing, it’s figuring out and articulating what you’re all about and putting yourself in the mind of your customer to inform and educate them, and ensuring that they recognize themselves and their needs in what you’re telling them. She can help with this.

Do you know who you are communicating with and why? Whether potential or current customers, journalists or analysts, internal stakeholders or competitors, the actions you want them to take will vary and so your communications methods and tools need to vary accordingly for the best impact. For instance, a customer will want to know how you help them solve their problems, whereas an analyst will want to understand how you fit into and compete in the overall marketplace. This is all about mapping audiences and messages and joining the two together. She can help with this.

Do you know how best to communicate your messages? From websites to social media, white papers to case studies, ebooks to presentations, each has its own purpose, content, and voice, and each needs to be excellent. Do you need to develop new content, or revisit and revise existing material or work in progress to improve them, or both? Whether what’s needed is copywriting or content generation, proofreading or editing, it is storytelling at heart: communicating with the people in the market that you care about, in high quality, cohesive way. She can help with this.

Do you know when and where to communicate with the market? Wrapping up all your marketing activities in a strategic plan with actions, deliverables and deadlines ties everything together and enables you to maximize the impact of your carefully designed and executed marketing materials. From a press release schedule to a content calendar to the regular delivery of collaterals, everything needs to be coherent and consistent with your overall corporate messaging. She can help with this.

Helping decide what your story is, how it should be told, and telling it in the best possible way: this is what she does.
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