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Scott has been a staff writer at two popular trade magazines and successfully written hundreds of pieces of content for satisfied clients. He has written about every subject imaginable. From how-to articles on heating and air-conditioning subjects to long essays on the nature of existence, Scott has written it all.

His favorite subject is travel. Travel excites him because he loves to travel himself. He's lived in big cities and rural towns. He's lived near beaches and explored mountains that host primitive indigenous cultures. He finds different ethnicities and backgrounds fascinating.

As much as he loves to write non-fiction articles, he also enjoys writing fictional pieces. He's had books published and continues to work on more. Writing is his passion and nothing makes him happier. He strives to do the best job that he can on every single project. Phrasings and word choices are improved again and again before any project is handed in to a client. He is very proud of his work and the fact that he has never missed a deadline in his entire career.

His work speaks for itself. It is always clear, economical and concise. Every single thing that he writes draws the readers' attention and compels them to read the entirety of what he's put on the page. He constantly works on his craft to make sure that this will always be the case. He brings this intense level of dedication into every project. That is what makes him a great writer.


Scott specializes in writing informative and compelling articles for the demanding reader.


Scott enjoys golfing, reading, traveling, working out, and trying new things.


Oklahoma State University

His education taught him to analyze complex issues.


45 Projects Completed

Scott has written many articles for businesses in the health and wellness industry. The human body is very complex. There is always something new to learn about hiow to be healthier and happier. Scott takes pride in providing interesting and helpful content on health-related subjects.


36 Projects Completed

Scott has extensive experience in writing about nutrition. He keeps himself informed on all of the latest findings in this area and makes sure to give his body everything it needs to thrive. The most surprising thing that Scott has found in his research is that so many people are completely unaware of what nutrients they need to keep their bodies healthy. He strives to educate these people and help them to become healthier, happier and more productive.


33 Projects Completed

Scott has written many articles for businesses in the fitness industry. He especially loves to write about interesting hiking trails that are located around the world. Hiking and outdoor recreation is a big part of Scott's life. He is a good person to write about these subjects.


24 Projects Completed

Scott has written for many publications in the legal industry. He recently interviewed attorney John Fisher for a feature article in the widely-read publication ATTORNEY-AT-LAW MAGAZINE. Scott was able to mine Fisher's decades-spanning career to write a rich and interesting piece.


22 Projects Completed

Scott has written for many widely-read business publications. His credits include respected periodicals THE SUIT MAGAZINE and ATTORNEY-AT-LAW MAGAZINE, among others.Scott's ability to communicate complex concepts to readers and his extenxsive experience in the field makes him very valuable when it comes to writing for the business industry.


18 Projects Completed

Scott has traveled all over the world. He enjoys learning about different cultures and seeing how people live under various conditions. He especially enjoys eating the foods that are popular in certain areas. Not many writers know as much as Scott about traveling and getting the most out of visiting far off locales


1,124 Projects Completed

Scott writes many articles for businesses of all sizes. His clients appreciate the time and research he puts into every article he writes. The useful tips he offers are a pleasure to implement. He always offers the most helpful information that can make readers' lives drastically easier and much happier.

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