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Sara started writing fictional stories when she was in the third grade. Since then she has gone on to recently graduate from college with a degree in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. Also while in college she became part of the school's newspaper for two and a half years.
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Sara's specialties are specifically in journalistic and fictional writing. She also has lived on her family dairy farm her entire life which she plan on continuing to help at and most likely eventually take over along with pursuing her writing, so she also has a specialty in animals as well.


Sara's specific interests can be about basically anything, but she has the most experience in fiction, news writing, or writing about animals. She has also written movie and book reviews a few times as well. She also has a few self-published books on Amazon, along with her own farming blog.


Allegheny College

Sara began her time at Allegheny in August 2017 and while she officially finished a few weeks ago, her official graduation date is on January 1.


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Sara's family typically has three pets in the house at a time but she also considers a lot of her animals to be like pets. She has a lot of experience with many different animals, including cats, dogs, rabbits, ducks, cows, and alpacas.


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Sara has lived on a dairy farm her entire life. In the eighth grade she finally decided to help out more, including getting her own cows and showing them in her local 4-H program at the county fair each year. Since then her family has also gotten alpacas and ducks and rabbits, and she has also started her own farming blog called "A Dairy Farmer's Truth".


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Sara wrote for her college newspaper for two and a half years.

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Sara has her own blog on Wordpress called "A Dairy Farmer's Truth".


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Sara has been working on her writing for a long time but has yet to actually publish a book at this time besides her few self-published works on Amazon.

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