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With 7 years of experience as a magazine editor and professional writer, Laura P branched out to the world of freelance writing because of the variety available. She enjoys working with various clients within different industries. Most recently she has been writing regularly for the construction, insurance, legal and fitness industries.

From newsletters, magazine articles and blog posts to white papers, press releases and journal documents, she is able to write industry-specific pieces that meet the needs of any client. She has also been involved as a ghost writer on 5 published and soon-to-be-published pieces.

Having earned a degree in professional writing and public relations from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania and a member of the Public Relations Society of America, Laura P understands the need for strong content development and the strategy that must be involved. She thrives on need-based work and is able to meet tight deadlines without a problem. Fast-paced, high-quality pieces can be hard to find, but she is able to consistently produce them.

She believes in keeping readers engaged with creative writing tactics and researched topic selection.

Laura P works hard to satisfy clients while providing content that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations. She understands that each client has specific goals as they pertain to content creation, and works hard to understand these goals when working toward a final, polished product. She truly enjoys all aspects of the writing process, and believes that this comes through in every piece she creates. Almost all of her clients are regulars!


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Industry Projects

  • Marketing500+
  • Home Living100+
  • Fitness100+
  • Construction100+
  • Legal50+
  • Insurance50+

Summary of Industry Experience


As the content marketing specialist for a digital community platform, and with a background in marketing, Laura has become an authority in the digital media marketing world. She stays current on all issues affecting the industry and is a reliable knowledge source on multiple marketing topics and subjects. She's able to engage with readers whether they're familiar with the product, service or topic or not and enjoys helping others connect with brands.

Home Living

Laura P is able to tackle numerous industries, including home living. As a mother of 4 and professional writer interested in home projects, with background as the PR Director for a statewide builders association, home living is one of her specialties.


Laura regularly works on a freelance-basis with numerous trainers and small fitness centers facilities to create newsletters and advertising pieces. She has also worked on web-writing and keyword enrichment for a variety of fitness center facilities. She believes in understanding client needs and target demographics to create meaningful pieces that allow fitness centers to stand out above their competitors.


Laura worked full time as the magazine editor for Keystone Builder, a publication of the Pennsylvania Builders Association. Additionally, she freelances for a variety of local builders associations and small construction firms. She specializes in press releases, magazine articles, code description pieces and newsletter articles. She also is experienced in creating consumer-relevant social media content.


Laura has a variety of law firms as regular clients. From newsletters to landing pages, she has experience doing the needed research to produce high-quality legal content that is easy to understand and accurate. She has written pieces covering family law, personal injury law, birth injury law, small business law, estate planning, debt collection law and more.


As a regular newsletter content writer for a national insurance company, Laura has experience researching and producing consumer-driven insurance pieces. Insurance can be complicated and difficult to comprehend; Laura understands this and is able to do the needed background research to create pieces that are reader-friendly and easy to understand for the average insurance customer. She is well-versed in various insurance types and makes this clear in her writing.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post1,000+
  • Article500+
  • Press Release100+
  • Web Page50+
  • White Paper20+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

As a digital content writer, Laura P writes for a number of high-profile technology firms, fitness apparel retailers, insurance agencies and law firms on a regular basis. She is able to understand the needs of each client, eventually setting up news alerts and suggesting topics as needed. She is passionate about writing blog posts.


As a copywriter and public relations specialist for the Pennsylvania Builders Association, Laura developed weekly newsletters targeting PBA members and executives. She has done the same for legal clients, technology firms, fitness clients and numerous others. She is able to produce high-caliber articles covering numerous topics for a variety of clients, with an internal or external focus.

Press Release

As a public relations specialist, Laura has written press releases for associations, universities, technology companies, law firms and solutions providors. From staffing and store opening announcements to governmental relations pieces, she is able to reach targeted audiences in concise, professional pieces that are easy to understand.

Web Page

Laura works with a SEO firm to write website landing pages on a monthly basis for a variety of clients. Her main clients include law firms, technology firms, restoration and construction companies and a variety of others. She is easily able to incorporate the needed keywords while keeping the writing natural and reader-friendly.

White Paper

Laura has experience writing white papers for technology solutions providors and law firms. If given a topic, she is able to research the appropriate information and gather viewpoints from company publications to put together a piece that stands out and is appropriate for download from a website. These can be keyword enriched but do not need to be.

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