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"Normally, my firm creates all its content in-house with the team of writers I've assembled at Triumph Communications. However, there are times our workload overwhelms the team, which is why I've used WriterAccess a lot - 629 projects and counting. Want to know which writer has been the absolute best find so far? I'm nearly hesitant to tell you, because I'd rather keep her all to myself... but that's not nice, is it? So I'll spill it - it's Sarah M.

Even though I'm not the best at giving detailed instructions on exactly what I want to see, she gets it and delivers work that needs very little polishing on my end. Very little! Her word choices make for engaging content. Her sense of the target audience is dead-on. Her deliveries are on-time or even early. She is a delight to work with, which is why I keep hiring her over and over again."

~ Susan, Triumph Communications

Other testimonials:

"Sarah did a 5 star job!"
"Sarah did a great job for my eBook. She goes above your expectation."
"Great job Sarah! Thanks for your help."

Sarah has been a professional writer for five years, before that using her talents in the academic and business world. Her accolades include crafting the winning nomination for a local business's Chamber of Commerce Award, landing the Barbara Corrado Pope Award for a distinguished thesis in the area of diversity, and being a regular guest blogger on several websites. She has written for well-known sites such as Livestrong, SFGate and Portland Monthly as well as various university publications.

After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Oregon's Robert D. Clark Honors College, Sarah went on to join an elite pilot teaching program at Portland State University and got her master's degree in education, graduating cum laude. After that she moved to Chicago and earned another master's degree cum laude, this time in journalism. She now uses both degrees to write and teach people about a huge variety of topics in both online and print publications.

Sarah's writing experience spans a stint as the marketing assistant of a writer's collective, the editor of an online magazine startup and a copywriting consultant to several online businesses. Throughout her career she has worked in many different industries, giving her a firm grasp of the restaurant business, childcare, education, marketing and promotion, PR, banking, grocery and specialty foods, and magazine publishing.

She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, two children and two dogs. In her spare time you can find her reading science fiction, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, running or doing Pilates, and indulging her possibly excessive habit of trying new fads.
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Sarah writes about a huge variety of topics, including:

* Education and Teaching
* Parenting
* Environmentalism and Sustainability
* Food and Nutrition
* Travel
* Photography and Crafts
* Farming and Agriculture
* Science and Technology
* Online Trends and Digital Marketing
* Events and Catering
* Retail
* Medical and Dental Industry News
* Sports
* Local Food and Farmers Markets
* Beauty and Fashion
* Taxes and Accounting

Her skills include many types of writing, including:

* Ebooks
* Press Releases
* Blog Posts
* Articles
* Product Descriptions
* Book Chapters
* Book Reviews
* About Pages
* Web Copy
* Emails
* Social Media Posts


Sarah enjoys gardening, cooking, running, reading and writing. She avidly pursues the latest in sustainability and food writing, and can always be counted on for an opinion when it comes to science fiction or fantasy. She enjoys more than anything the chance to learn something new or become an expert for a day.


Portland State University

Sarah was asked to join an elite pilot program while earning her master's degree in education, which paired two student teachers to every mentor teacher in an effort to foster the collaboration many believe the current education system is lacking. While there she worked with several age groups in several schools and created custom curriculum.

Robert D. Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon

Sarah graduated with honors in four years, and won several awards for her writing, including the Barbara Corrado Pope Award for Excellence in the area of Diversity.

Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University

Sarah graduated at the top of her class with recommendations from all professors and a significant amount of paid freelance work to add to her preexisting experience.


993 Projects Completed

Sarah has considerable experience writing on health and nutrition topics. She has interviewed doctors, nurses, nutritionists, physical therapists and practitioners of alternative medicine, and has written about a wide range of physical and mental health issues both in the United States and abroad. Sarah has also conducted extensive research into several public health issues, and regularly produces blog posts, articles, research papers and more on the subject of health.

Real Estate

605 Projects Completed

Sarah has considerable experience writing about real estate, property management and the housing market. She works with agents, managers and property owners to craft well-worded, informational articles, blog posts and press releases with excellent SEO and seamlessly integrated keywords. She can help you with your next ebook, copy for your website and more.


601 Projects Completed

Sarah has a master's degree in early childhood and elementary education, and has spent years working with kids from preschool through middle school and tutoring students all the way through graduate school. Her training enables her to speak knowledgeably on subjects as diverse as infant motor coordination to college attendance rates. Sarah can provide well-researched articles to bolster an academic reputation, as well as more laid-back blog or social media posts discussing the current state of education today. The addition of a master's degree in journalism ensures excellent research and impeccable sourcing as well. Whether you're looking for articles, ebooks, blog posts, book chapters or even entire books, Sarah should be your go-to.


515 Projects Completed

Sarah is an avid gardener and experienced gardening writer. She has covered topics as extensive as proper tree pruning, USDA planting zones, color combinations for the yard, annual and perennial garden techniques, waterscaping and much more. She is as capable of writing informal blog posts about statuary as she is of producing well-researched, expertly sourced long-form articles about the effects of pesticides on native plant populations. Whatever your gardening needs, Sarah can help.

Home Living

410 Projects Completed

Sarah has written for several home living sites, and is an experienced reporter on topics as wide-ranging as gardening, home construction, DIY projects, organization and interior design, as well as ancillary subjects like wardrobe curation, living with kids, cooking and more. She regularly creates articles, blog posts, how-tos, recipes and more, and would love to help you with your next project.


304 Projects Completed

Sarah specializes in local food writing and has conducted extensive reporting on subjects such as food deserts, GMO agriculture, farmer's markets and the green movement. However, she has also reported on and enjoys writing about favorite recipes, seasonal fare, trends in gourmet cooking and more. Sarah can help you create blog posts about new ways to use odd ingredients, articles about rising stars in the food industry, product descriptions for your online offerings and more.


279 Projects Completed

Sarah is a devoted crafter. Her appetite for projects knows no bounds, from woodworking to decoupage to the fine arts. She can help you create step-by-step tutorials, in-depth articles on materials, how-to blog posts and roundups of the trendiest DIYs on the market today. If you want excellently researched, eloquently written pieces on crafts of all types, come to Sarah.


259 Projects Completed

Sarah is an experienced beauty writer and blogger, producing content about hair, makeup, fashion, natural products, beauty routines and more. She can provide product reviews, step-by-step tutorials, outfit descriptions, home remedy recipes, and many other types of beauty related content. Sarah particularly enjoys working with clients who are enthusiastic about beauty, as she is herself a clothes horse and makeup addict.


195 Projects Completed

Sarah has considerable experience writing on health and nutrition topics. She has interviewed doctors, nurses, nutritionists, physical therapists and practitioners of alternative medicine as well as cooks, famous chefs and foodies of all kinds. She loves nothing more than creating blog posts devoted to paleo fare or in-depth research articles about the increasingly popular anticancer diet. Get in touch with her for expertly sourced, well crafted nutrition content of all kinds.


170 Projects Completed

Throughout my writing career I have created content for attorneys, legal assistants, one-person firms, large organizations and legal specialists of all kinds to use on their websites, blogs and physical marketing products. I specialize in clearly, concisely explaining tough concepts in layman's terms, and in offering compassionate, hopeful advice to people who need it.


158 Projects Completed

Sarah has covered a range of fitness and nutrition topics, and specialized in graduate school in health writing. She has interviewed sports coaches and physical therapists, personal trainers and nutritionists, athletes and weightlifters. Her writing has encompassed informational articles on sports and nutrition, web content for clinics and sports teams, ad copy for doctors and physical therapists and blog posts for hobbyists. Moreover, she takes her own physical fitness very seriously, barefoot running, hiking and doing Pilates regularly.


157 Projects Completed

Agriculture has been a focus of Sarah's for several years, ever since she started raising her own chickens and writing about it. Since then she's spoken to scientists, botanists, breeders, farmers large and small, organic and conventional. She has major insight into and major contacts in the field.


153 Projects Completed

"Career" is a word in flux. While the younger set used to worry ceaselessly about making the "right" choice, the older crowd had settled in for the 30-year haul. In these days of constant career transition, however, people from all ages angst about making the right choice. As someone who has worked several different careers and written for years about career, Sarah can help you address these issues confidently and compassionately. Whether she's taking on the old subject of networking in a new way or addressing the real role of the business card in today's world, she can create compelling, well-researched content for you and your clients.


149 Projects Completed

Sarah loves writing about fashion. Be it the newest weird trend out of Japan, French haute couture or just your run-of-the-mill cute outfit from J. Crew, Sarah has a bead on fashion and the writing chops to keep readers interested. Work with her on blog posts, articles, ebooks and more, covering a range of topics such as hair, makeup, clothes, shoes, organic fashion, seasonal wardrobes and more.


146 Projects Completed

In addition to being a parent herself, Sarah possesses a master's degree in education and has almost a decade of experience working with kids. She regularly writes about parenting topics including pregnancy, breastfeeding, homeschooling, safety, educational games, family outings, vacations, school choices, discipline and a wide range of other family- and child-related topics. She has worked with children ranging from 3 months to kids in high school and college, and can speak knowledgeably on pedagogical topics as well as the lighter side of family.


135 Projects Completed

Sarah has written about a wide range of pet-related topics. Including dogs and cats, she has also covered exotic pets and animals in the wild, and has worked with veterinarians, researchers and preservationists to create unique, compelling copy about pets and animals. She can help you with in-depth research papers on zoology or lighthearted blog posts on how to train your cat. Her master's degrees in journalism and education ensure well-researched, excellently sourced content every time.

Green Products

122 Projects Completed

Sarah is dedicated to the green movement personally as well as professionally, and has written extensively on the subject. She has composed product descriptions for green goods, written blog posts about how to use green products in the household, created pull-marketing copy for green companies ranging from the beauty industry to the home sector. She loves helping clients by providing excellent content, and thereby contributing to her pet cause.


112 Projects Completed

Sarah has written several relationship advice pieces for clients, who have all enjoyed her funny, engaging style and ability to drive home a point without making commitment seem like the biggest mistake ever. Want someone who can take direction or find content herself, write long articles with interviews or short how-to or advice blog posts, and be witty or serious by turns? Check her out.


108 Projects Completed

Sarah loves writing about hobbies of all sorts, and has firsthand experience in many. In addition to woodworking, decoupage, painting, beading, drawing, model building and photography, in which she is either professionally education or self-taught, Sarah also writes on a wide range of other non-craft hobby subjects, such as gardening, animal husbandry, cooking and more. Whether you want a step-by-step watercolor tutorial or an in-depth discussion of the science of souffles, she can help you.


104 Projects Completed

Sarah has been a humor writer for several years, and can make anything funny, from nerdy science to amazing subculture. It doesn't matter what she's writing about; if the client wants funny, that's exactly what they'll get. Witty prose, however, never conceals or steals from the real point of the article, which is still always pointed, well-researched, and knowledgeable.


101 Projects Completed

In addition to her experience writing about design, Sarah is herself a graphic designer and artist. In addition to being a writer, she maintains a small business building websites, designing logos and fulfilling custom orders for clients. Accordingly, she is knowledgeable in a wide range of design applications, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, and can speak expertly about multiple coding languages. Need a writer who can discuss hex codes, white space, fonts or moodboards? Sarah is your go-to for all things design-related.


72 Projects Completed

Sarah has written numerous travel pieces geared toward people who want to check out a certain aspect of a big city, especially as it relates to the culinary arts. She is especially good at using the written word to paint a picture of something delicious, novel, or downright fun.


65 Projects Completed

Sarah has covered a range of sports and fitness subjects. She has interviewed sports coaches and physical therapists, personal trainers and nutritionists, athletes and weightlifters. Her writing has encompassed informational articles on sports and nutrition, web content for clinics and sports teams, ad copy for doctors and physical therapists and blog posts for hobbyists. She writes book reviews of popular sports literature (think "Moneyball"), blog posts about the topics that rock the sports world, and articles about trends in physical fitness.


49 Projects Completed

Science is Sarah's bread and butter, and she has spent considerable time talking about global warming, neurobiology, psychology, sustainable design, and technology. Her broad background in the applied sciences, especially as they relate to sustainability, mean that she can speak cogently on any scientific topic and sound like an expert.

Green Living

48 Projects Completed

Sarah has written numerous long and short articles about green living and sustainability in both the Midwest and the Northwest. She is extremely knowledgeable about the subject and has excellent contacts in the field with whom she is still in touch. From how-tos to top-tens to features, she's done it all, enjoys it, and has a fresh take on the subject.

Blog Post

2,585 Projects Completed

Blogging has always been one of Sarah's passions, and although she can always be counted on to have one of her own going at some point or another, the main proof of her expertise is the extremely wide variety of posts she has done over the years. From artist interviews to serious medical topics to editorials on space alien landings, there is no subject she won't touch.

Web Page

1,591 Projects Completed

Sarah has helped a wide variety of companies hammer out their web copy. From landing pages to product pages to the dreaded About page, you need clean, concise copy that convinces your potential customers they need you, and Sarah can deliver. Not only that, she specializes in making use of underutilized website real estate in novel ways, such as the contact page, which is the perfect place to get someone to sign up for your newsletter! Sarah brings these and other ideas to any web page collaboration, so sign up for her help now.


935 Projects Completed

Sarah has written many articles, in subjects as wide ranging as technology and electronics to climate change and agricultural breeding to fashion and food. She enjoys taking a stance, though is more than master of the unbiased review. While she's happy to provide the stance or direction herself, she's equally capable of following direction to the letter.

Facebook Post

442 Projects Completed

Social media is no longer an option; it's a requirement. I've helped many companies to create social media campaigns that bring them out of Internet obscurity and into the online light. Your social media profile and posts don't need to dazzle (although that's always my goal!), they just need to consistently share your value proposition and personality with your ideal customers.

Twitter Post

301 Projects Completed

Twitter has risen to the top of the social media strata, and is likely here to stay. While you may not love the idea of marketing yourself in 140-character bursts, your potential customers want to interact with you on that level, so you can't afford to avoid it. Sarah has worked with many different companies, from well-established businesses transitioning online to digital startups, helping them create and manage social media campaigns. Let her help you too.

Product Description

298 Projects Completed

Product descriptions require finesse, creativity and a sense of fun. However, because of the typical space limitations, good product description writing is difficult, requiring an accurate portrayal of the product within a limited word count. Sarah has worked with many companies to write unique, compelling descriptions that seamlessly incorporate keywords and help sell products without seeming salesy.


209 Projects Completed

Beautiful, flowing product descriptions transform your catalog from a piece of junk mail to a source of entertainment and, eventually, a supplier of gifts. Good copy turns browsers into dedicated customers, which in turn become unwitting members of your marketing force, as they tell others about you. Excellent catalog copy is key to your business success.

White Paper

152 Projects Completed

With master's degrees in both education and journalism, Sarah can offer well-researched, impeccably sourced content on a variety of subjects, written in clear, concise words that anyone can understand. Her goal with white papers is always to leave the reader more education and less frustrated than she found them, so hire her to explain complex issues, explore changing trends and increase your professional stance.

Email Copy

123 Projects Completed

When it comes to online marketing, email is prime real estate. If you aren't using email marketing to drive your business, you're making a mistake. But before you get started, make sure you've got the copy to back up your emails, or you might find potential customers ignoring you in favor of better-written, more persuasive content. Instead of the same old content that everyone is churning out, you need unique, novel approaches that will catch people's attention so you can grow your customer base, sell more, build relationships and reap the benefits of word-of-mouth marketing.


96 Projects Completed

Advertisements are the bread and butter of a good online presence. Although many companies these days prefer to employ "pull" rather than "push" marketing, without excellent copy that conveys your value proposition to potential customers, they will look elsewhere. Whether crafting straightforward ads or more subtle pull content, Sarah always comes through with keyword-rich, beautifully wordsmithed copy.


68 Projects Completed

Sarah has worked with clients both within and outside the WriterAccess platform to provide high-quality eBooks that demonstrate thought leadership, generate clicks, help build email lists and sell via e-tail outlets such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Her expertise stems from combined experience in marketing and freelance writing, as well as her master's degrees in both journalism and education, which allow her to write proficiently and engagingly in YOUR voice.


65 Projects Completed

Writing a book is difficult work, and you may need help seeing it through to fruition. Whether you need a long academic tome or a short-format book for publication on Amazon or in ebook format, Sarah can help. Her expert journalistic and academic skills make her a perfect partner in any book-writing process. Moreover, she is familiar with all academic citation styles and can mold her tone to yours, so that your content blends seamlessly.


50 Projects Completed

Brochures require a special type of skill, because you don't have much room in which to present a typically huge amount of information. Crafting good brochure copy relies on brevity, clarity and excellent wordsmithing. Sarah brings all three virtues to her brochures, conveying your most important information in short, simple sentences that value the reader's intelligence and experience.

Press Release

50 Projects Completed

Press releases are only effective if they include all the right information, wrapped up in a snazzy package with photos and diagrams that look like they were put there intentionally, and not by a third grader. Sarah knows how to do that, and can make your company shine for a price that won't break the bank.


31 Projects Completed

Sarah was the captain of her Speech and Debate team two years running, and since then has spent a sizable part of her academic and business life helping others sound the way they want to. Speeches are frightening, but most professionals know that the fear is mostly due to the danger of messing up. A good script can help limit that fear, because it provides a road map to guide you safely to the end of your presentation. Sarah has worked with many businesses and individuals helping them prepare for big events, whether weddings, press events of company presentations, and always provides elegant, spare copy that makes you sound like a pro.

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