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Emelie is a skilled personal trainer and nutrition coach with experience in casual settings (gyms), and clinical settings (acute and long term care). With this wide range of experience, Emelie understands how important it is to tailor educational materials to her audience. Her health and wellness niches include veganism, olympic weightlifting, and weight loss. When combined with her interest in the Divine, and her upcoming education at seminary to become a pastor, Emelie can offer a unique perspective and voice to common questions in the health and wellness sphere.

Beyond knowledge of personal wellness, Emelie is also a big advocate of group fitness classes (pre-COVID) and enjoys Pilates, Spin, and Yoga classes as well as writing about the benefits of each.

Having written since she was 10, Emelie prides herself in her calm, strong sense of voice and sounding like 'the teacher you always wanted' in her pieces. She has a strong background in searching out qualified sources in her research and is always open to learning new things.

When not writing, Emelie is a proud Air Force Wife, looking at dogs to adopt, learning about herbalism, or training in competitive weightlifting under her coach's expert eye.
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Emelie specializes in three key areas:

Religion: Specifically in the Lutheran tradition, with some knowledge of Presbyterian and Episcopalian traditions.

Health: Veganism, weight loss, ADHD, mindset for fitness success, program design, and nutrition coaching, some knowledge of herbalism.

Fitness: Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, body building, weight training for general wellness, weight training for women (pre and post menopausal), pilates, yoga, and spin classes. General knowledge of other forms of fitness, such as cardio training and other forms of group fitness classes.

Other specialties include the United States Air Force and being a military spouse, Military EFMP program, "PCS" (Permanent Change of Station), and dog adoption.


Weightlifting, yoga, pilates, reading, writing, cooking, house keeping, dog and cat care, plant care, personal training, nutrition and dietetics, musical theatre, data science, and herbalism.


University of Wisconsin-Green Bay


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Emelie has been working in the fitness field for 5 years, with her jobs ranging anywhere from a weight room attendant, personal trainer, and nutrition coach, to a dietetic intern. She has seen people at different points of their wellness journey, and has experience teaching and coaching those with little desire for change to willingness to change. Her education style is warm, patient, and compassionate, but evidence-based. Above all, Emelie strives to make sure that her writing is based in evidence rather than bunk science.

With such a wide array of experience, Emelie is also able to write about the ins and outs of the fitness environment. Aside from her professional experience, Emelie is also a competitive weightlifter working under a coach, and is able to write from the athlete perspective as well. She is also a certified yoga instructor (200 hours), and spin instructor, with experience in group fitness.


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Emelie has her bachelors degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, and on top of writing endlessly for her degree, has written about nutrition in the past. She writes from a trauma-aware background that there is more to the health and wellness space that meets the eye and that it takes a village to create a healthy society.

Her nutrition studies underlie everything she does, and her specific specialties include behavior change tactics, veganism (she has been vegan for 2 years), and eating for athletes.


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Graduating Cum Laude from University of Wisconsin-Green Bay in 2017, Emelie was one of the top students in her nutrition class that year. Her education cover medical nutrition therapy, food science, public health, and other scientific subjects such as chemistry, microbiology, anatomy & physiology, and biochemistry. She is also a certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition, which combined her nutrition background with a coaching approach that has proved beneficial to her clients for the past year. She has experience working in an acute care setting both as a diet clerk (taking food orders), and dietetic intern, which broadens her experience beyond a gym and into the medical world.

Emelie previously wrote a nutrition-based blog for parents of teenagers after working at a weight-loss camp for teens one summer. When she changed career paths, the blog was deleted, but she enjoyed being able to write about adolescents and nutrition.


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Emelie is an avid researcher and reader of many Christian denominations. She is pursuing ordination through the Evangelical Lutheran Church of American (ELCA), so her knowledge is heavily based in the Lutheran tradition. However, her knowledge base also includes Presbyterianism, Episcopalians, and Mysticism. Her specific passion lies within creation care (caring for the environment), caring for the poor, and food security for all.

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Emelie publishes her own work on two different platforms depending on the topic - whether research based or more of a lifestyle/military spouse topic. She has been blogging for a long time and is capable of writing shorter blog posts to long-form blog posts with research as necessary.

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