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Suhail's experience spans both university papers that he'd written and edited, as well as his classmates' papers that he'd proofread and offered critique on. His feedback helped raise their grades and achieve higher marks.

Suhail has also ghostwritten a variety of articles as a freelancer, often garnering praise for his voice and attention to detail.

In his free time, Suhail also writes poetry and lyrics for his music project.
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Suhail's specialties lie in music, film, science, and video games. He is proficient in content articles, blogs, and creative writing projects.


- Music and all that entails (production, theory, gear, etc...)
- Film and Videography
- Photography
- Podcasts
- Poetry
- Video Games and how they're made


York University

The Digital Media program bridges the fields of Computer Science and Fine Arts to create the Computational Arts discipline. In this program, students take on projects from the perspective of technology and programming. Their assignments are to create discussion-worthy pieces of art that drive conversations on new media, transmodality, and the state of technology today.


2 Projects Completed

With a degree in Digital Media, Suhail has accumulated knowledge on photo and video editing software, as well as some of the more common programming languages used today.


2 Projects Completed

As a musician himself, Suhail has a foot in the door when it comes to writing about music. He has first-hand knowledge on recording, audio mixing and mastering, and production tips to improve one's audio recordings.


22 Projects Completed

As a ghostwriter, Suhail has written articles on topics ranging from long distance relationships to leading a successful life to the different type of indoor lighting and their functions. He's a curious writer, so he enjoys taking on new topics to learn about and educate!

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3 Projects Completed

One of Suhail's specialties is blog posts. He has a knack for writing colloquially, and it shows. His blog posts are relatable and down-to-earth, giving the reader a sense of comradery and genuineness.

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