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Emily is a motivated, detail-oriented content creator with a knack for creativity. She has been writing songs, stories, poems, articles, speeches, and many other compositions from an early age and has received commendation from teachers, professors, and colleagues alike. She graduated from Lincoln College in Lincoln, IL, in 2015 with an Associate of Arts degree in General Studies and a 4.0 GPA. She was elected as the Lincoln Academy’s Student Laureate and was also chosen as a commencement speaker in 2015. During her sophomore year, she became increasingly interested in journalistic writing and worked as an intern reporter at New Herald News in Lincoln, IL. Emily then transferred to Illinois State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Journalism and minored in Creative Writing, all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. While at ISU, Emily received the Muddy Waters Scholarship for her song, “Funny,” and had music, poetry, and a short story published in Euphemism, a creative arts journal for students. One of her poems was also published in Illinois’s Best Emerging Poets: An Anthology.

Upon graduating from ISU in 2017, she began working as an Administrative Marketing Assistant for Business Builders Marketing, a full-service marketing firm in Bloomington, IL, and was eventually promoted to Project Manager. Both roles required extensive writing, including blogs, social media posts, website content, print advertisements, press releases, newsletter content, and more. Thus far, throughout her career, Emily has acquired extensive experience researching, writing, and editing diverse content for a variety of mediums and industries. She is extremely versatile in her writing capabilities, having produced copy that has benefitted daycare centers, employment agencies, marketing firms, senior living communities, construction companies, law firms, and many more businesses.
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Emily has always enjoyed writing and loves to use her skills to help others. She has acquired the necessary knowledge and skillset with her journalistic, marketing, and creative writing background and can quickly and efficiently provide exceptional content. Emily is fully capable of accomplishing any writing task assigned to her with excellence. However, she is especially skilled at writing content for blogs, websites, newsletters, press releases, and social media.


Emily enjoys writing on various topics, as it allows her to broaden her horizons and learn about new things. She particularly likes to write for clients within the health industry and has extensive experience writing for an orthopedic clinic. She also loves to write for non-profit organizations that are making a positive impact on the world. She appreciated the opportunity to offer her content-writing expertise to an employment agency that helps people find jobs and tuition assistance. Emily is also a singer-songwriter who has acquired knowledge about music and the music industry and would appreciate writing for music companies. As an independent artist, she has experience writing her own website content and has successfully managed her own social media presence for self-promotion purposes.


Illinois State University

• Graduated with 4.0 GPA
• Majored in Visual Journalism
• Minored in Creative Writing
• Graduated summa cum laude
• President’s List 2015-2017
• Awarded Muddy Waters Scholarship


2,014 Projects Completed

Emily has written content for numerous clients within the health care industry. She has created website, blog, and social media content for an orthopedic clinic, a periodontist, and multiple senior living facilities.


2,009 Projects Completed

Emily has acquired 3+ years of experience writing content for a B2B marketing agency. During her time, she was often the sole writer responsible for the creation of content for websites, e-newsletters, blogs, social media posts, and press releases.


1,004 Projects Completed

Emily is a singer-songwriter with several years of experience writing songs and performing live shows. She has become her own marketing champion in her efforts to promote her brand via her social media channels and website. This has required her to produce her own copy for social media posts, digital ads, email campaigns, and her website.


302 Projects Completed

Emily has created blog and social media content for a law firm that is focused on cases such as personal injury, social security disability, medical malpractice, car/truck accidents, and back/neck/spinal injuries.


251 Projects Completed

Emily has written fun and engaging website and social media content for a daycare center and martial arts school.


202 Projects Completed

Emily was in charge of creating e-newsletter, social media, and blog content for a local IT company on a monthly basis.


155 Projects Completed

Emily has written newsletter, website, and social media post content that has benefitted construction and restoration companies, mechanical contracting companies, and other construction contractors.


105 Projects Completed

Emily created social media content for an international supply chain management company.


100 Projects Completed

In her experience, Emily was the project manager assigned to a local recycling company client. She created content for newsletters, graphic materials, video interviews, landing pages, and web pages.


51 Projects Completed

Emily has experience creating newsletter, e-statement, and social media content for a local credit union.

Non Profit

5 Projects Completed

Emily has worked with nonprofits such as food banks and not-for-profit employment agencies producing and editing website content.


5 Projects Completed

Emily has been involved in an agricultural video project where she was responsible for formulating appropriate questions, scheduling, and conducting in-person interviews.


4 Projects Completed

Emily was the sole copywriter on a website development project for Merle Norman's Bloomington, IL location. She created optimized, high-quality content for the entire website.


2 Projects Completed

In her experience, Emily has worked directly with a local nonprofit employment agency on multiple occasions. She was the sole copywriter on the client's website development project, creating all content for the website. She has also worked with this same client on the creation of a professionally-designed informational booklet that required major proofreading and editing.

Facebook Post

5,021 Projects Completed

Emily has managed organic Facebook posting for multiple clients simultaneously. She is knowledgeable of best practices and has experience researching, creating captions, designing graphics, and scheduling posts through the Facebook platform as well as Instagram and Twitter.

Blog Post

343 Projects Completed

Emily has created optimized, monthly blog content for multiple clients from various industries. She has extensive experience researching, producing/formatting content, optimizing content according to SEO best practices, uploading content to Joomla and WordPress CMS platforms, and creating blog banner graphics to accompany the text.

Web Page

121 Projects Completed

Emily has taken on the responsibility of writing and editing content for entire websites on tight deadlines, exceeding client expectations. She also understands SEO concepts and how to implement these in web copy to improve the site's search engine ranking.

Email Copy

106 Projects Completed

Emily is skilled at creating email content that captures audience attention and serves as an exceptional sales and communication tool. She has produced quality and concise email copy and template designs for marketing agencies, IT companies, mechanical contracting companies, credit unions, mapping service companies, construction companies, and musicians.

Newsletter Content

100 Projects Completed

Emily has written concise and compelling newsletter content for clients from various industries. This content has offered clients' audiences valuable information and served as a tool to increase website traffic, promote brand awareness, and convert prospects into customers.


100 Projects Completed

Emily has written and edited biographies for several clients' employees while working on website development projects.

Press Release

5 Projects Completed

Emily is knowledgeable of press release writing best practices and has written and distributed these documents for clients from different industries.


5 Projects Completed

Emily has created Facebook advertisements throughout her music career. These digital ads promoted her music videos and songs to her target audience.


3 Projects Completed

Emily created a video script for a local police and fire station while working for a marketing agency. These scripts were part of a larger video production project intended to aid police officers and firefighters' recruitment.

Landing Page

3 Projects Completed

Emily is fully capable of writing effective, optimized landing page content that works to inform users and direct them according to the client's preferences and marketing goals.


1 Projects Completed

Emily was chosen as the commencement speaker for Lincoln College in 2015 and created a speech accordingly.

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