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Raymond has over 30 years of experience assisting businesses of all sizes effectively use various forms of advertising. This includes radio, television, billboards, yellow pages, direct mail and online. He has created advertising copy for literally hundreds of clients in a wide variety of business segments. His WriterAccess statistics are impressive, not only in productivity, but in his ability to meet and exceed client's expectations.

In addition to advertising, Ray has experience with online web content including blogs, web page content, news, public relations, press releases, and long form sales and industrial presentations. He has created content marketing pieces for hundreds of clients in a multitude of business areas.

Ray's sales background and marketing skills helps him create copy that conveys urgency and moves people to action. Few people have his diverse real life experiences in the various media platforms from old school print and broadcast radio to social media and SEO techniques.

Do you have a project needing a descriptive touch or do you need copy that is straight to the point? Raymond's decades of experience are sure to deliver copy and tactics that will produce results. Raymond personally guarantees his work. Review his ratings and endorsements and hire him with confidence!
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Ray has real-life experience in broadcast, print, direct mail, billboards and all forms of internet marketing. Raymond has written an extensive amount of website content, including blogs, press releases and webpages.


Raymond enjoys cycling, walking on the beach, trivia, reading non-fiction and the occasional ice cold beer. He enjoys sports but as a lifelong Cleveland fan, has not had much to cheer about, other than his world champion Cleveland Cavaliers.



Raymond has gone through an almost uncountable number of courses involving sales, marketing, and creating copy. He has attended seminars by such legends as Zig Ziglar, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Les Brown and others.


1,795 Projects Completed

More insurance companies are embracing content marketing to grow their businesses. They use blogs, emails, articles, press releases and other forms of marketing to not only get out the message about the importance of insurance, but why working with their agency is important. Raymond has written over 100 insurance related projects. They have ranged from practical tips on how to save on insurance to how rates are determined. Need content for your insurance agency? Count on Raymond Z. to deliver unique content that will help build your client list!


1,102 Projects Completed

Ray has completed over 100 projects involving the auto industry. From blogs and travel tips to auto product descriptions and advertising, Raymond has done it all. He has developed descriptive web page copy for upscale auto dealers, as well as hard-sell advertising sales copy. If you are in search of a versatile, prolific writer who will deliver the content you want for your auto related project, contact Raymond Z. today!


911 Projects Completed

Ray has reported on multiple sports for broadcast and print outlets. He has created sports related blogs and written many sports "review and preview" type articles for college and pro football, the National Basketball Association, and Major League Baseball teams.

Real Estate

550 Projects Completed

Few businesses have undergone the changes the real estate business has experienced over the past decade. Those who are surviving and thriving are using cutting edge approaches in improving their market share. If you would like professional assistance with your content marketing efforts, or if you need detailed descriptions for your upscale listings, contact Raymond Z.


543 Projects Completed

Raymond has written short and long form scripts for multiple manufacturing and industrial clients. From hospitals to jewelry manufacturers, Raymond's ability to research and quickly learn about a business and apply what he has learned is a valuable asset. His ability to grasp the key elements of an industry's selling points is an important aspect of his manufacturing and industrial writing skills.


294 Projects Completed

Raymond's extensive career in sales and marketing has seen him create literally hundreds of marketing pieces.His work includes advertising materials, sales and marketing packages, advertising concepts, creative and functional copy and marketing plans for small and medium businesses.
His advertising experience includes broadcast and cable television, commercial and non-profit radio, static and digital billboards, print and online marketing. Let Raymond put his extensive experience in this area to work for you!

Web Development

248 Projects Completed

As a former partner in a web design company, Raymond has helped developed, plan, and has written literally hundreds of website pages. These websites have been for a varied list of clients including hospitals, banks, insurance companies, real estate, car dealers, e-commerce and even a large pork producer. He is familiar with SEO tactics and in creating copy that converts visitors to customers.


244 Projects Completed

Raymond has created a large number of blogs and articles for legal firms specializing in a variety of practices. He has written copy for lawyers practicing personal injury law, divorce and family law, bankruptcies, DUI's, real estate law, and others.

If you are looking for compelling, professionally written copy for the legal industry, consider utilizing the services of Raymond Z.


148 Projects Completed

Ray has traveled rather extensively in the United States, and written dozens of travel related articles and blogs. These articles have included traveling tips, what to do and expect when visiting specific travel destinations and articles about unique U.S. travel destinations.


143 Projects Completed

Ray has created and written website content and advertising materials for multiple community banks and credit unions. He has also had, more recently, created copy for innovative mortgage and loan companies, home investment firms, and payday lenders.


132 Projects Completed

Raymond has written an extensive amount of political material. His work includes radio and television scripts, print related items, direct mail pieces as well as web content. He has worked directly with candidates in developing materials that best express their core strengths. He also analyzes how those core strengths relate to an opponent's weaknesses. Raymond has the ability to do this with, or without, verbal vinegar.


111 Projects Completed

Humor is a powerful way to convey a message. Ray has uses it in hundreds of pieces of advertising copy and blogs. Humor is a good tool for telling a story or communicating irony. Humor is also used to create edgy branding or to effectively communicate otherwise dry information. What can be better than delivering smiles to your prospect's as they consider your company?

Non Profit

61 Projects Completed

Ray has experience in writing FCC compliant underwriting messages for public radio and television, has written many solicitations for donations for non-profits, and has participated in organizing and implementing dozens of fundraising projects. He has worked on projects to help raise awareness and funds for non-profit and governmental agencies.

Self Help

40 Projects Completed

Raymond has spent a lifetime reading, listening to audio and attending seminars related to the self help industry. He has attended seminars from self help gurus as diverse as Zig Ziglar to Tony Robbins. If you have a writing project related to the self help industry, let a writer with real life experience assist you. Contact Raymond Z. for your content needs today!


32 Projects Completed

Raymond enjoys cycling and in using weekends to explore rails-to-trails parks. He has written dozens of blogs and articles involving fitness, healthy eating, and the benefits of natural and organic products. Raymond and his wife enjoy daily drinks made of wheatgrass, gingko biloba, spirulina and other natural herbs. His exposure to the self help industry works in concert with the motivation so often needed in achieving fitness success.

Blog Post

4,592 Projects Completed

Raymond has written blogs on a wide range of subjects including legal, travel, collectibles, automotive, education, jewelry, construction, contracting, technology, education, healthcare, organic and natural products, real estate, insurance, entertainment, and politics. He has the ability to ghost write blogs for your organization that are original and will improve your SEO. Raymond is one of the most prolific writers on the Writer Access platform. If you are in search of a writer to keep your blogs fresh, contact Ray today!

Web Page

1,395 Projects Completed

As a former partner in a website development company, Raymond had the pleasure of working with companies in a variety of business segments. He created hundreds of pages of content including home pages, about us pages, product and service descriptions and promotional landing pages. If you are building or recreating a website, keeping the content consistent can be critical in branding your business. Let Raymond help with your website design or redesign project. He can get the job completed to your 100% satisfaction and within your deadline. Include Raymond on your Writer Access "Love List" or send him a "Solo" project today!


1,247 Projects Completed

Raymond Z. knows the important difference between articles and blogs. "Articles" are his number one endorsed skill here at Writer Access! If you are in search of a professional writer who can deliver compelling articles, hire Raymond Z. for your project. Ray writes articles on a wide-ranging variety of subjects from eye wear to the art of preparing healthy meals. What message do you need to effectively get across?

Radio Spot

1,015 Projects Completed

Raymond spent decades writing and producing radio commercials that gain attention and build branding. Today, copy for broadcast radio, online audio, and online video takes a skill that can only be achieved through experience. Whether you are looking for hard sell or subtle radio ad copy, Ray can be of assistance. He has an arsenal of hundreds of radio spot ideas and concepts, and can freelance for ad agencies or radio stations.

If you want an experienced radio copy writer, Raymond Z. is your guy.

Product Description

502 Projects Completed

Raymond has written hundreds of product descriptions for a variety of products ranging from jewelry and clothing to office furniture and software. He understands the significance of attaching a benefit to every feature. Product descriptions say as much about your company as they do about the products themselves. If you want to improve the odds of success for your online catalog, consider using the product description skills of Raymond Z.


147 Projects Completed

Need help with the copy for a print ad or direct mail piece? Raymond Z. has years of experience working with clients in developing pieces that work. Creating effective advertising projects can involve time that is not fully compensated on a per word basis. Please feel free to contact me about custom pricing for your advertising project.

Press Release

146 Projects Completed

Press releases are a terrific way to get attention and gain free publicity. There are skills and tactics involved in creating press releases that maximize exposure. Raymond is skilled at creating press releases that are newsworthy and that editors want to publish. He knows the mistakes inexperienced writers make that will cause news releases never to see the light of day. He also understands ways to attract attention and interests to increase your odds of success. Raymond has written press releases for non-profit organizations to luxury automobile dealers. Need a press release? Send Raymond a "Solo" order or add him to your Writer Access "Love List" today!

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