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Whitney L. is a freelance writer with over five years of experience in the field. She has published thousands of pieces of content across several different platforms. Her writing covers a wide range of topics such as sports, in-depth political analysis, travel reviews, and parenting advice. She has a proven track record of providing quality content with a unique perspective.


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1,216 Projects Completed

Whitney L. has written hundreds of articles for various clients over the years. She can create in-depth content, or short yet informative pieces depending on the needs of the client.

Industry Projects

  • Marketing500+
  • Insurance500+
  • Auto100+
  • Relationships100+
  • Entertainment100+
  • Sports100+
  • Politics100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Whitney L. has written hundreds of pieces of marketing copy, from short product descriptions to marketing blog posts. She is able to write compelling copy that connects the features of any product to its benefits, giving readers plenty of reasons to buy. Having written for a wide range of products, including toys, clothes, cars, jewelry, shoes, and tools, Whitney L. is skilled at crafting marketing copy that is targeted to any industry.


Whitney L. has written hundreds of pieces for insurance topics covering auto, life, health, and special liability coverage for both the US and UK markets. Her unique understanding of the way insurance rates are determined and how different policies affect consumers allows her to create engaging and insightful pieces that educate the reader.


Over the years, Whitney L. has written hundreds of vehicle descriptions and reviews. Her love of cars started at a young age, having grown up in a family of car enthusiasts and race car drivers. Her experience creating SEO content combined with her love of cars old and new make her uniquely qualified for this subject.


Whitney L. has written hundreds of blog posts and articles about dating and relationships. She has covered ideas for first dates, how to celebrate holidays as a couple, and how to navigate the world of online dating, as well as many other topics. Her work has appeared in dozens of blogs and on Yahoo OMG.


Whitney L. has written many pieces of entertainment content, ranging from brief biographies of celebrities to movie and music reviews.


Whitney L. covers a wide range of sports topics, though her specialties include Major League Baseball and pro-football. She has analyzed the 2012 NFL draft for her local team, reported on how injuries could affect a team's hopes for the playoffs, and has written several articles about celebrities in sports.


Whitney L. has created more than 100 pieces of political analysis over the last two years. She has focused primarily on the 2012 presidential election, covering the issues, campaign financing, and the economy.

Product Projects

  • Product Description1,000+
  • Article1,000+
  • Blog Post100+

Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Whitney has written hundreds of thousands of product descriptions for items ranging from party supplies to designer apparel. She skillfully matches features with benefits to create engaging copy that entices shoppers to make a purchase. Her years of experience as a retail manager and product merchandiser help her to write each product description with insight and clarity.


Whitney L. has written hundreds of articles for various clients over the years. She can create in-depth content, or short yet informative pieces depending on the needs of the client.

Blog Post

Whitney L. specializes in blog posts that are both engaging and informative. Her use of SEO best practices attracts interested readers.

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