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Heather W
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Heather has ten years of experience in writing freelance and contracted articles. Her works have appeared in multiple notable print and online publications. Heather obtains a thorough knowledge of SEO content creation, internet research, blog publishing and the editorial process. She also has experience working on both Wordpress and Joomla platforms. In 2009, she launched her own company and handled all advertising, financial recordkeeping and sales. Heather is a college graduate with a Bachelor's degree in English from the College of New Jersey. She is the author of six Amazon fiction bestsellers and has a publishing contract with Crescent Moon Press.
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Heather specializes in feature articles, blog posts and creative writing. Her areas of expertise include health, wellness, technology and small business.


Heather loves to read, cook and participate in any type of athletic activity including running, cycling and skiing.


The College of New Jersey

Heather graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor's degree in English. A few standout extracurricular courses included Advanced and Creative Writing, Art History, Applications in Computer Science, Technical Writing, Introduction to Journalism, and Desktop Publishing.


545 Projects Completed

Most of Heather's articles for Livestrong.com were focused on topics related to health, nutrition and fitness. She's also been contracted to work with online print publications like Step in Style and Feel Rich to create health themed pieces for their channels. Weight loss, dietary guidelines and exercise themed pieces are her favorite types of content to provide.


150 Projects Completed

Heather created a collection of articles with a focus on career and post-secondary topics. They have been published on websites such as eHow, Work.com, Zibbiz and Chron. Sample titles in her body of work have included How to Dress for an Interview, Career Networking Tips, Are You Ready for Your Next Interview and Information on Job Fairs.


131 Projects Completed

Heather was hired to provide a number of freelance fashion and beauty articles for websites and magazines such as Step in Style, zuuzStyle and Bestcovery. Besides writing beauty product reviews, her pieces cover skin care basics, beauty bargains, choosing fashionable accessories and news on the latest fashion trends.


128 Projects Completed

Heather worked as a staff writer for Gadgetell, a consumer technology blog for approximately one year. She also provided several freelance tech articles to websites like TogTech and SMATOOS. She's written review pieces for iPhone apps, mobile phone accessories and software programs.


1,885 Projects Completed

The large majority of Heather's work has been in article format with word counts between 300 and 600 words. She most often creates her articles using the high readability style of short paragraphs and sub-heads. Web and magazine articles have been submitted to sites such as Chron, Livestrong, TogTech, Feel Rich, Outlook by the Bay and USA Today.

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801 Projects Completed

Heather not only guest posts on blogs of fellow writers, but also maintains her own active blog. Her favorite topics to discuss include the freelance writing and publishing industries. She's also been hired to interact on social networks to maintain interest in company blogs.


4 Projects Completed

Heather has a planned release of her own series of young adult fiction novels called Second Sight. She's also worked with clients of both fiction and non-fiction e-books as a ghostwriter. The non-fiction e-books have dealt with weight loss and management of diseases with dietary practices.

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