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Rebecca D
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Rebecca D. has a B.S. in Nursing, a Master of Arts degree in American Studies and a J. D. degree. In her work as an associate attorney with an insurance defense firm, she was involved in all aspects of discovery. She focused on writing motions and legal memorandum for the 42 other lawyers in the firm. She was extensively involved in the practice of medical malpractice defense based on her nursing background.

Rebecca opened her own private legal practice and spent 13 years focusing on criminal defense appeals. In the appellate court, winning or losing a case depends primarily on the quality of the written brief submitted to the court by the appellate attorney. Rebecca won cases in both state and federal courts with some decisions based on the written brief without the need for oral argument. Many were published in legal reporters.

After many years, Rebecca gave up the practice of law to return to her passion of teaching. She became an 8th grade English teacher where she soon became department chairperson. She developed writing tests and established criteria to use when evaluating student writing. She is a member of the Education Writers Association and has written numerous educational articles on various topics including STEM, Common Core Standards and No Child Left Behind.

In addition, Rebecca spent some time as a licensed seller of life and health insurance and annuities. She was the Publicity Director of a small theater and wrote all copy for its quarterly newsletters. She was also the Communications Director of a small PPO and wrote all sales and educational material used by medical providers and insurance sales agents.

Rebecca has a variety of interests. She plays the piano, is active in social issues such as civil rights and the rights of animals, and is a voracious reader and researcher. In her spare time, she is working on the Great American Novel.
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