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Rebecca D. has a B.S. in Nursing, a Master of Arts degree in American Studies and a J. D. degree. In her work as an associate attorney with an insurance defense firm, she was involved in all aspects of discovery. She focused on writing motions and legal memorandum for the 42 other lawyers in the firm. She was extensively involved in the practice of medical malpractice defense based on her nursing background.

Rebecca opened her own private legal practice and spent 13 years focusing on criminal defense appeals. In the appellate court, winning or losing a case depends primarily on the quality of the written brief submitted to the court by the appellate attorney. Rebecca won cases in both state and federal courts with some decisions based on the written brief without the need for oral argument. Many were published in legal reporters.

After many years, Rebecca gave up the practice of law to return to her passion of teaching. She became an 8th grade English teacher where she soon became department chairperson. She developed writing tests and established criteria to use when evaluating student writing. She is a member of the Education Writers Association and has written numerous educational articles on various topics including STEM, Common Core Standards and No Child Left Behind.

In addition, Rebecca spent some time as a licensed seller of life and health insurance and annuities. She was the Publicity Director of a small theater and wrote all copy for its quarterly newsletters. She was also the Communications Director of a small PPO and wrote all sales and educational material used by medical providers and insurance sales agents.

Rebecca has a variety of interests. She plays the piano, is active in social issues such as civil rights and the rights of animals, and is a voracious reader and researcher. In her spare time, she is working on the Great American Novel.
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Based on her educational and employment background, as well as basic life experiences and interests, Rebecca focuses her writing on the following:

*Legal issues.
*Medical and health-related topics.
*Educational subjects including Common Core, classroom management, scaffolding and other teaching strategies.
*Animals, both domestic and wild.
*Social sciences with emphasis on history and literature.
*Small business topics from formation to dissolution.
*UFOs, Area 51 and other extraterrestrial topics.


Rebecca's passion is reading, writing and travel. She belongs to several book clubs as well as writing groups and hopes to soon publish the proverbial "Great American Novel." She relishes travel in general, whether it is a short road trip or longer sojourn around the world. In her spare time, she entertains herself by playing the piano or oil painting. She also loves animals and has had two skunks and an opossum as pets in addition to the usual birds, cats and dogs.


Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Rebecca graduated 7th in her class while rasing two children as a single parent and working 20 to 30 hours a week as a law clerk for a prominent insurance defense firm. She was an editor of the law review and her article on Prosecutorial Misconduct was published there. She was awarded the Corpus Juris Secundum award for outstanding scholarship in two consecutive years.

California State University, Los Angeles

Rebecca's love of history and literature were both included as topics in this degree.

Loma Linda University School of Nursing

Rebecca utilized this degree for a few years working as a Public Health Nurse. She then gave up nursing to go to law school. A few years later, she found her true passion and gave up law to become an English teacher.


3,852 Projects Completed

With 13 years of experience as an appellate attorney, Rebecca learned that legal cases are often won or lost solely on the strength of the written word. She was responsible for the Ninth Circuit's reversal of a life sentence and dismissal of all charges for one of her client's based solely on her written brief and without the need for oral argument. Many of her cases were published and set legal precedent in both state and federal courts.

As a freelance writer, Rebecca has written for many attorneys in a variety of states including practice area pages, blogs, case summaries, analysis of legal opinions, summaries of court opinions and other individualized topics in all areas of law.


1,161 Projects Completed

For more than eight years, Rebecca has been writing on a variety of educational topics for educators and support organizations and sellers of educational materials. Her experience as both an elementary and middle school teacher gives her a unique perspective on the best writing approach that appeals to teachers. After passing a rigorous test, she was hired by a prominent testing company to grade middle school and high school essays in response to standardized tests given across the nation. In the legal field, she was chosen by a legal analysis author and professor to be his assistant in helping incoming law students learn how to excel in their legal writing.


895 Projects Completed

She has written on many health topics such as:
*bladder cancer
*traumatic injuries
*ovarian cancer
*birth trauma
*need for hearing aids
*proper diet
*vegan diet
*high cholesterol
*blood pressure problems
*trigeminal neuralgia
*and more.


548 Projects Completed

Rebecca has a background in medical writing and as a freelance writer with a B.S. degree in nursing, she has written on a variety of topics for physicians and other health services entities. She worked a number of years as a Certified Public Health Nurse where she wrote instructional pamphlets for patients. She was on the Board of Directors of a small community hospital where she often presented written reports on various topics.


256 Projects Completed

Rebecca formerly was a licensed health and life insurance agent and was licensed in California to sell annuities. She has written extensively about Medicare, Medigap and Medicare Advantage Plans and how to choose the one that best meets a person's needs. She has written on many other issues, for example, how to choose the right annuity for lifetime income as well as somewhat obscure topics like viatical settlements.


111 Projects Completed

Rebecca spent 13 years managing her own business as a private practice attorney. Since that time, she has written numerous articles for small business owners concerning how to structure the business, partnership buy-sell agreements, development of employee handbooks, protection of trade secrets and other business related topics.


44 Projects Completed

Rebecca lived in Germany for two years and traveled extensively during that time. She has made several trips to England, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. She visited Berlin both before and after the wall came down.

Rebecca has also explored many islands, including the well-known islands of the Bahamas such as Nassau and the not-so-well known island of Eleuthera. She has been to Bermuda in the North Atlantic Ocean and Anguilla and Puerto Rico located in the Caribbean.

She is constantly exploring travel opportunities for her own enjoyment and benefits from the insight of her son, a former manager of a travel agency. She takes great pleasure in writing about locations where she has actually been as well as locations she someday hopes to visit.


25 Projects Completed

She has written quite a few articles about security breaches and cybersecurity.

Blog Post

3,233 Projects Completed

Rebecca has written more blog posts than she can actually count. She has written blogs for:

*Bankruptcy attorneys
*Construction companies
*Criminal defense attorneys
*Debt collection firms
*Estate planning attorneys
*Insurance companies
*Large law firms
*HVAC companies
*Health-oriented companies
*Medical malpractice attorneys
*Personal injury attorneys
*Small business owners
*Trade schools
*Travel companies

Essentially, if a company or business or person needs a blog, Rebecca can write it for you.

Web Page

2,188 Projects Completed

Rebecca is skilled at writing web pages and has written:

*About Us
*Biography Pages
*Home Pages
*General Landing Pages
*Practice Area pages for attorneys ranging from bankruptcy to criminal defense and for attorneys and law firms across the United States.
*FAQ pages
*Terms of Service pages
*Contact Us

Basically, if you need content for your web page, Rebecca can write it for you.


513 Projects Completed

Rebecca has written on a variety of topics ranging from "Why
Skunk Spray Smells Bad" to the steps involved in filing for "Chapter Seven Bankruptcy."

White Paper

215 Projects Completed

Rebecca excels in research based writing and not only enjoys writing white papers, she is good at it. She recognizes the need to balance the primary task of providing information along with a very soft approach to attract searchers to the client website. Rebecca has primarily written white papers for businesses developing employee health improvement plans.

Newsletter Content

160 Projects Completed

Rebecca has experience writing content for several different types of newsletters. She was Publicity Director for a community theater where one of her tasks was being responsible for the monthly newsletter publication which she prepared using a newspaper format. She wrote the copy, took the photographs and prepared the layout and design for the printer.

Rebecca was also editor of a monthly newsletter that was mailed to health care providers and insurers of a newly developed Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). Topics included current health care issues and the administrative functions of the PPO. In her capacity as editor, she was also charged with writing the copy and interviewing doctors and insurance agents concerning their experiences with the functioning of the plan.

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