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She has a masters degree in journalism from Goldsmiths University in London and three years of industry experience. She began her career in 2017 as a freelance journalist for a women's music site. She consistently wrote album reviews and interviewed artists. She then worked as a news and features reporter at an online publication dedicated to local news in south London. She had her first job at a major news organization in London, where she worked as a sub editor and freelance journalist. In that role, she liaised with writers and editors to produce clear and compelling copy. Her most recent position was as a distribution fellow and lifestyle reporter for a major news organization in New York City. In each role, she wrote between one and four articles a day, used data analytics to track trends, and maintained more than eight millions total views per month. She is a dedicated writer with a keen eye for detail. She turns complex ideas into concise copy that inspires readers.
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She has experience writing on a range of topics related to lifestyle. She has written articles on beauty, fashion, travel, and human interest stories. She also has experience in publishing, and has written articles about upcoming books and the publishing world. She has also done some copywriting work, producing compelling copy for brands and businesses.


She is interested in copywriting, freelance journalism, and content writing. She believes her years of industry experience and knowledge of SEO will allow her to create successful copy for any client.


University of Virginia

She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Virginia. She majored in English and minored in economics. Her final mark was a 3.54 GPA.

Goldsmiths University

She received a mark of distinction, which is equivalent to a 4.0 on a GPA scale.


100 Projects Completed

That number is an estimate, but she has written countless articles over the past three years on topics including lifestyle, health, travel, publishing, opinion, news, and more.

Search Marketing

10 Projects Completed

She has written articles using SEO to help her work reach a large audience. She knows how to get an article, or copy about a product, in front of a consumer's eyes through specialized SEO tactics like keyword placement and matching user intent.


100 Projects Completed

She has written countless articles on topics including lifestyle, travel, health, publishing, opinion, news, and more.

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