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Rachel has had a passion for writing ever since she was in high school, where she was the editor-in-chief of her school newspaper and the copy editor of her yearbook. She also graduated with a focus in journalism, and was the lead news anchor on her high school's news team. Since high school, Rachel has continued to grow her passion in the English language by getting a diploma in Medical Transcription, which included multiple college-level English classes, as well as medical terminology and business ethics courses.

In addition to medical transcription, Rachel has also received a diploma in interior design and has over seven years of first-hand experience in the field. Sharing her wealth of knowledge on the subject is one of her greatest joys of being a writer.

Now that Rachel is a mom of two, she happily spends her days as a freelance writer. She has written thousands of SEO blog entries for multiple clients while consistently receiving the highest ratings and stellar reviews. She loves being able to use her passion of writing to help other businesses grow and flourish by building their online presence.

Rachel is also a published author. She has written, edited, and published nine books, including a parenting book that is now on the top-sellers list for the Amazon Kindle.


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Industry Projects

  • Home Living1,000+
  • Kids/Family1,000+
  • Beauty1,000+
  • Health500+
  • Consumer Goods500+
  • Marketing500+
  • Other100+
  • Fitness100+
  • Nutrition100+
  • Food100+
  • Travel100+

Summary of Industry Experience

Home Living

Rachel is one of WriterAccess's highest ranked 6-star writers in the home living industry. She has not only written over 3,000 articles about home living, she is also a trained interior decorator who has worked in the field for over seven years. She is passionate about helping readers improve their homes by creating beautiful living spaces.


Rachel is one of WriterAccess's highest ranked 6-star writers in the kids/family industry. Inspired by her own children, she has authored a parenting advice book, which is currently in the top 5% of all Kindle books on Amazon. It has even been the top seller in the parenting category. She has also written over 1,500 blog entries on a variety of topics, including how to raise children, item descriptions of children's products, and fun activities for kids.


Rachel has written over 1,000 SEO articles in all things beauty, covering everything from how to apply makeup to skin care for summer. She has a passion for looking good because she feels that when a woman feels confident in herself it impacts all aspects of her life.


Rachel has written over 500 articles, product descriptions, and program outlines for the health industry. She is also a trained medical transcriptionist, so she is familiar with medical lingo. She is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and loves to help others do the same through her writing.

Consumer Goods

Rachel is one of WriterAccess's highest ranked 6-star writers in the consumer goods industry. Not only does she buy an absurd amount of products herself, she has a background in sales. She is an expert at feature/benefit copy and knows what it takes to sell a product. If you want to see your sales increase (who doesn't?), Rachel is the writer for you.


Rachel has a background in sales and marketing, so she know what it takes to sell a product. She also manages her own small business and is an expert at social media. She has written over 500 blog posts on how to use social media correctly, the pros and cons of direct mail, and everything in between.


Do you need unique content that just doesn't fit in the mold of any industry? Rachel can write about virtually any topic given to her. She will research whatever you need and create an SEO-packed, engaging article for your readers.


Rachel is passionate about fitness and has even lost 60 pounds herself, the good old-fashioned way: through diet and exercise. She has written many blog posts about how to lose weight and fitness program descriptions to entice readers to join. Additionally, she has written product descriptions for a complete fitness apparel line.


Rachel has written over 250 SEO blogs about various nutrition topics. She has a passion for living a healthy life and has lost over 60 pounds by learning the correct way to eat and exercise.


When it comes to food, Rachel knows what she is talking about. She has not only worked in the food industry, but she has written over 200 SEO blogs about many different aspects of food.


Rachel has written over 100 SEO blogs on the different aspects of traveling. Rachel has also written travel reviews on the different places that she has had the privilege of visiting.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post1,000+
  • Article500+
  • Web Page500+
  • Product Description100+
  • Book10+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Rachel's specialty is blog posts and she is considered elite in this asset type. She is a professional at seamlessly integrating keywords into engaging content that will keep your readers coming back for more. She has written over 5,000 blog posts about a large array of topics, including business, health, home and garden, travel, kids/family, and beauty.


With a background in a journalism, Rachel is an experienced article writer. She is great at finding relevant research and then integrating it into an article to inform the desired end-reader.

Web Page

Rachel is an avid online shopper, so she knows what it takes to get the sale from a browsing customer. She also has seven years of sales experience and is an expert at writing feature/benefit copy. She understands that the customer needs to know not only what you offer, but how it benefits them. To date, she has written approximately 300 pages for websites, and counting. Each client has been very satisfied.

Product Description

With a background in sales, Rachel is an expert at product descriptions. She truly understands that you need to tell the customer why they need a product, not just what it does. She has received rave reviews for her intriguing descriptions that result in sales galore.


Rachel has written a parenting advice book that is continuously in the top 5% of all Kindle sales. Additionally, she has written eight simple concept books for children.

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