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Austin B. is a professional writer who holds an M.B.A. in finance and marketing from the University of Missouri, and an M.A. with a concentration in the Philosophy of Science from George Mason University. He has a professional background in real estate sales, financial services, tax processing, marketing and corporate documentation.

Austin has provided writing services directly to clients, and via contracting and sub-contracting for several years. He has also served the writing community on a content website's voluntary editorial advisory board. Doing so has allowed him to develop his writing skills further, assist other writers and sharpen his research skills through fact checking.

In addition to his work providing ghost written content to clients, Austin has also had his byline published alongside content for those clients seeking to put an author name to the work. His work has shown consistent dedication toward effective and timely meeting of clients' content needs. This has also helped businesses build their brand equity and customer bases. Austin is the recipient of several writing accolades and contest awards including one from an internationally recognized journalism news source.

Although much of Austin's published content is financial in nature, this is not the extent of his writing ability. Moreover, in addition to having written over a thousand articles for numerous business websites and blogs including his own, Austin has actively written to a broad range of styles and genres. Among these are grant writing, news writing and academic writing spanning a broad range of subjects including economics, history, law and business.


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Industry Projects

  • Finance20+
  • Real Estate20+
  • Education10+
  • Tax5

Summary of Industry Experience


Contracted to research and write a number of articles for publication on financially orientated websites. Although this content appeared on regionally and nationally recognized websites, it too was contracted through a content broker. In all instances the content was either immediately approved, or accepted following minor edits. The topics for these articles included ratio analysis, accounting principles, fixed price policies and additional financial and small-business information.

Real Estate

Work experience and publication in the area of real estate at two similar focused organizations. Topics of publication involved website blog posts and articles pertaining to international real estate investments, property insurance and industry lingo in addition to information on purchasing real estate. All content was approved and published without edit and the terms of the agreements were completed seamlessly.


Produced several articles for an education orientated website. The following year the same website asked for eleven additional articles that were brokered through a content site. These articles included topics such as best academic programs in a range of disciplines, transferring online credit and advice for incoming and existing college students.


Was solicited to write content for a a tax focused website, following which approximately five articles were researched, produced and sold. The subjects including instructional content pertaining to Internal Revenue Service tax filings such as IRS Schedule D, in addition to a three part history of the organization. These articles were published alongside an author with an established reputation at a leading financial media company.

Product Projects

  • Article100+
  • Blog Post3
  • Advertisement1
  • Grant/Proposal1

Summary of Product Experience


Article writing has formed the core of Austin's contracting and sub-contracting work. He has produced a countless amount of articles covering numerous financial and business related topics. The average length of these articles have ranged from 400 to 800 words, all of which have been published with exclusive rights on various websites.

Blog Post

A seniors blog seeking real estate articles commissioned three posts from me. These posts dealt with reverse mortgages, financing real estate and home buyer tax credits. Some of this content was time sensitive and had to do with federal regulations that were set to expire by the end of 2010.


Successfully carried out an agreement to write a real estate related advertisement on a blog post. This particular project can be classified as a paid blog post or advertisement because it was to include one do-follow back link to the contractor's website. Since finance and real estate is a substantial part of this writer's background, the advertiser singled out this blog as a suitable location for the advertisement.


This work was a sub-contracted competitive grant in Kansas City for a non-profit organization. The grant was quite possibly a prototype application for the organization as it received the same grant in future years. The work involved compiling data such as objectives, financial statements, capabilities, history and integrating that information to meet the criteria of the federal grant application. The grant competed against other organizations and was awarded funding.

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