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Catrina D. currently lives Kentucky and enjoys keeping up with new technology, taking her dog to the park, and home improvement.

Catrina D. is a university graduate who studied at the University of Findlay and Kent State University in Ohio. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Children's Book Illustration in 2009, which includes creating illustration and writing for print. She also studied biology and life science, psychology, philosophy, and the arts.

She studied MLA writing and APA writing primarily during courses at the University of Findlay. These courses included Creative Writing, Advanced Writing for College, Writing for the Internet, Poetry, Writing for Research and others. She is also familiar with AP, Chicago, and other writing styles.

She is a professional in the field of photography and illustration. As a writer, she has had poetry published in book releases. She has self-published two books available on the market today.

Catrina has been a ghostwriter and editor on projects focused on movie reviews, medical terminology, press releases, finances, home development, magazine articles, legal information, substance abuse counseling, and others. Some companies she has worked to create content for include ELLE magazine, Walmart, and Target.

Catrina currently works as a freelance professional specializing in the areas of medicine, legal writing, art, music, and photography. Catrina has produced medical content focused on the needs of patients with drug abuse and recovery concerns.

She has focused on learning as much about each topic as possible, which aids in making sure each topic is produced as accurately as it can be.


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Industry Projects

  • Health1,000+
  • Marketing1,000+
  • Legal500+
  • Medical100+
  • Beauty20+
  • Craft4
  • Music3

Summary of Industry Experience


Catrina has written hundreds of articles for companies looking to help those with addiction conditions. These articles focus on the health of people and how they can seek help for addiction, whether behavioral or physical. She has also written as a ghostwriter for a site focused on menopause and perimenopause.


Marketing is a great way to show off a product. Catrina enjoys writing benefits and features of products to deliver a great informational piece to consumers and has done so for companies such as Target and WalMart. She has written over 1,000 marketing blurbs that can be seen on the product pages of these sites. With industry experience, she is happy to give you what you need to reach out to consumers and to make your products appealing.


Catrina has worked with major legal clients to provide helpful information for clients without sounding like she's marketing to them or being too pushy. Past clients have included Thomson Reuters as well as various private legal clients.


Catrina has written medical articles for sites such as MedLine Plus and HealthLine as a ghostwriter. These informative pieces are ideal for consumers who wish to know more about the way the body works and when to seek help from a medical professional. Catrina has a background in dealing with conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and allergies specifically, and she has also written many articles about skin conditions and stomach conditions related to these disorders. She has been exposed to medical situations most of her life, and she has taken a variety of science courses focused on anatomy. Catrina also works with a massage therapist, so she can work with holistic and informational pieces on homeopathic medicine as well.


Catrina has been a ghostwriter for companies such as ELLE and Target. She creates interesting magazine articles about the best way to style a hairdo, how to do your makeup properly, and content on other topics focused on beauty and healthy skin. Catrina is a professional photographer and works with models who are presenting themselves to agencies to be signed. She has industry experience with what is needed to look and feel your best for these situations.


Catrina is a professional artist with over six years of experience, so she has completed many projects on the topic of crafting. From wood burning to melting crayons in abstract art, she has been able to complete step-by-step informational pieces about how to craft.


Catrina has worked on announcements for musicians and stories about the concerts and tickets of a particular venue. She is a professional saxophonist and jazz musician, so she knows musical terminology very well. She is also well-versed in musicals and current music, as well as how to create, write, and publish musical pieces.

Product Projects

  • Article100+
  • Newsletter Content100+
  • Press Release10+

Summary of Product Experience


Catrina has written articles for many types of companies, from those looking for magazine articles to health content for the Web. She focuses on solid content possible of achieving SEO results. This helps client gain the Web traffic they want. Articles have ranged in length from 100 to 2,500 words.

Newsletter Content

Catrina has worked with newsletter content in the medical field, woodcarving industry, and for the auto industry. She has also written content for Elle Magazine, which consisted of makeup and fashion news, and she is familiar with Medical IT newsletter formats.

Press Release

Catrina has completed a number of press releases for varying companies. These press releases have been used for Web content sites and in news releases. The content focuses on marketing and announcing the newest changes to the company. Each press release is unique and formatted to suit the needs of the company.

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