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Matthew M. has worn many hats through the years. He has had positions in; a meatpacking plant, security, machine shop, restaurants and is a college accredited computer specialist. Matthew began writing for pleasure in the mid eighties and began writing blogs and small article content for others in 2005. In the years since, working part-time, he has written hundreds of well received articles and blogs. Matthew now hopes to write as a full-time job and expanding his list of satisfied clients.


Matthew is at his best when writing an assignment where the result is based in personal research.


Matthew has always had an interest in far off places, the outdoors, machinery and how things work. These interests have lead Matthew to spend a great deal of time over the years reading and researching when stuck indoors. When able to get outdoors, in his free time, Matthew has enjoyed hunting, fishing and camping. These are certainly not all of his interests but they are the ones he has spent the most time cultivating.


Laurens Marathon Community Schools/Various

Although he moved around a great deal throughout his school years, Matthew attended and passed all required courses to graduate from high school.

Iowa Central Community College

Aside from the required computer and mathematics courses Matthew took a number of literature courses. He was able to maintain a place on the honor roll for 3 of his four semesters and finished with a 3+ GPA.


201 Projects Completed

Over the last several years Matthew has written over two hundred articles and blog posts concerning pet care and welfare. The blogs and articles Matthew has been produced concerning pets have been highly rated and well received with the exception of 3 that were rejected outright without any reasons given by the client.


150 Projects Completed

Over the course of the last seven years Matthew has written between one and two hundred articles with construction based themes, ranging from budgetary concerns to code inspector issues. These articles were quite well received with less than five re-writes requested in that time.


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