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Denine is an experienced, dedicated, and meticulous SEO content writer with copy-editing and project management skills.

She has six years worth of professional writing experience. With a stellar record of client satisfaction, she can comfortably handle multiple projects simultaneously with efficiency and accuracy.

Denine has experience writing a variety of content types:
* Web-related content, such as product/service landing pages, SEO articles, and blog pieces (long- and short-form)
* How-to articles and guides
* Reports

She has also content managed for a few clients. This experience has given her an insight in the content creation process that goes beyond just what writers normally experience. With her multi-faceted experience, she can create well-rounded content to meet KPIs and client and reader expectations.
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Human Resources
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Types of content for content writing:
* Web content, such as landing pages & articles - all optimized for SEO
* eBooks - non-fiction
* Guides and reports

* Affiliate sites, product reviews, & informational articles
* Health, self-care, & mental health wellness
* Cannabis & CBD
* Pets (rabbits, dogs, cats, fish, horses, & more)
* Hiking, fitness, & the outdoors
* Plants and plant care guides
* Travel
* Reference and how-to guides


* Wellness, health, fitness and exercise
* Continuing her education. Completed Moz' SEO course and busy with a Happiness course on Coursera
* Reading - Love fiction
* Scrapbooking, making cards and other arts and crafts
* Traveling
* Photography
* Hiking & outdoor living
* Learning a new language (currently busy with Spanish on Duolingo)


University of Johannesburg (South Africa)

Majors: Journalism, Communication, and Politics.

* Variety of communication-related subjects, including Audio-Visual Communication and Persuasive Communication
* Computer Studies
* English
* Journalism
* Politics
* Sociology.

University of Johannesburg (South Africa)

* Advanced Research Methodology (including SPSS)
* International Conflict Analysis
* Key Issues in International Relations
* Key Issues in International Political Economy
* Political Risk Assessment.

60-page dissertation: "Ploughing the Field of Land Reform: A Comparative Analysis of Land Issues in Zimbabwe and South Africa"

University of Johannesburg (South Africa)

A research-based MA.

200-page dissertation: "Post-Conflict Peacebuilding: Comparative Case Studies"


513 Projects Completed

As an animal lover, she mostly writes about rabbits; however, she's also written about other pets that she keeps for company.


230 Projects Completed

Denine loves gardening and looking after her veggie/fruit garden in which she grows strawberries, zucchini, beetroot, green beans, tomatoes, and more.

Aside from being involved in her own garden, Denine also enjoys writing about gardening, USDA plant hardiness zones, soil types, different plants, crop rotation, and more.

Self Help

151 Projects Completed

Most of Denine's experience in the self-help and psychology industry has been in writing web SEO-optimized articles (as well as copy-editing blog articles and ebooks in this niche).

Self-help topics she has knowledge about include:
1. Narcissism, gas lighting, and manipulation
2. Positivity, building positive habits, killing negativity
3. Boosting your confidence
4. Kindness and happiness
5. Mind programming techniques
6. Mindfulness and meditation
7. Codependency
8. Anxiety and stress
9. Communication, body language, and analyzing people

Denine is also busy with The Science of Happiness, a course on offer through Courera to further her own journey in self-care.


112 Projects Completed

As an avid hiker who goes hiking at least twice a week, Denine has a passion for nature. She loves taking photos of flowers, leaves, and trees, scenic views, and the various animals that can be spotted while out in nature. She also frequently chases butterflies in the hopes of capturing a stunning photo of a butterfly.

Denine enjoys writing about her hiking experiences both on and off the trial, like which trails are ideal for newbies vs seasoned pros, how to break in hiking boots, the best gear to carry with you, and much more.


100 Projects Completed

As a fitness fanatic and person who believes that fitness makes you feel better overall, Denine has written (and edited and proofread) many projects in the fitness industry.

Most recently, the fitness topics she wrote about were:
* bodybuilding
* how to exercise as a beginner
* how to gain muscle
* secrets to getting fit ASAP
* yoga, Pilates, HIIT, interval training, strength training exercises and routines
* at home workouts
* weight loss and fitness
* healthy eating and fitness


70 Projects Completed

Denine taught ESL/EFL for 2+ years in a traditional classroom environment as well as online.

She's written content for various clients on ESL, from how to teach, lesson plans, and tips for classroom management.


58 Projects Completed

Denine has extensive travel experience, having lived on three continents.

She enjoyed writing about her travel experiences and also doing research to create other content in the travel niche.

Search Marketing

50 Projects Completed

Denine has written various articles - optimized for SEO - on digital marketing.

Topics include:
* lead generation
* Google AdWords
* etc.


50 Projects Completed

Denine writes for various cannabis/CBD clients.

Cannabis and CBD topics she has knowledge about include:
1. CBD and skin care
2. Health benefits of CBD
3. Dabbing
4. Recipes and weed
5. Cannabis events
6. And more.

Human Resources

20 Projects Completed

Denine has written numerous SEO-optimized articles in the HR niche.

Topics for the article include:
* Employee offboarding
* Employee onboarding
* Inequality in the workplace
* Social recruiting
* Creative recruitment strategies
* Common recruitment mistakes and how to avoid them

Most of these were for &team, a talent management platform.

Denine also worked as a content manager for a content agency. Her duties included hiring and onboarding writers and editors.

As part of her role as an events executive while working for an events company speciliazing in mass participation events, she trained event staff and worked closely with them.


507 Projects Completed

Denine has experience writing general articles and those optimized for SEO.

Some SEO-optimized articles that Denine has written include:
* Caring for plants
* Self-help and self-care
* Fitness and exercise
* Dieting
* Digital marketing
* Human Resources
* Tech, e.g. website builders, VPNs, etc.

General articles are mostly written for businesses and research organizations. Topics included conflict and terrorism and Asia's political, social, and economic interest in Africa.

Blog Post

469 Projects Completed

Denine has written content for various blogs.

Niches include:
* Wellness, health, nutrition, and fitness
* Human Resources
* Travel
* Digital marketing strategies
* Education and ESL/EFL


100 Projects Completed

Denine has created content for frequently asked questions in the IT sector.

Most of her blog articles also include an FAQ section to rank them better on the SERPs.

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