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Kelley H. is an Oxford, Mississippi-based writer, editor and content strategist. She has been an editor and contributing writer at Perspective, PM Network, At Home Memphis & Mid South and Insigniam Quarterly. On the brand side, she has worked with Allstate, CareerBuilder, CoreLogic | FNC, YMCA of the USA, the American Egg Board, the International Interior Design Association and the Project Management Institute.
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University of Mississippi

During my time at the University of Mississippi, I was editor of the yearbook and participated in various student media activities. My concentration was magazine journalism.


69 Projects Completed

Kelley has been working in the marketing world most of her career. She understands the industry and the lingo and spends a good deal of time reading up on the latest industry trends and technology.


53 Projects Completed

Kelley has written for OBGYN clinics, mental health organizations, health care technology developers, health care suppliers and hospitals. She understands the world of health care and is confident speaking with different health care professionals. Her work include web pages, articles and social media content.


27 Projects Completed

Kelley is very comfortable working with and writing about the business world. She has interviewed sources up and down the corporate ladder and understands how these organizations (small, medium or large) operate. Kelley has interviewed executives from around the world for various publications. She has worked with businesses to develop content for the websites and messaging for their key marketing materials.


22 Projects Completed

As an editor and writer for the International Interior Design Association's Perspective magazine and for At Home Memphis and MidSouth, Kelley has worked with designers from the commercial and residential world. She loves discussing their projects, learning about how designers think and keeping up on new design trends.


5 Projects Completed

As a writer and editor for Insigniam Quarterly magazine, Kelley was responsible for covering a range of FinTech topics, including bitcoin, banking technology and blockchain.

Facebook Post

115 Projects Completed

Kelley is a regular poster to Facebook for a range of businesses, promoting their events, products and content. She loves when her posts attract the interests of a wide array of users and will work hard to ensure your social media is drawing the interest of your fans and potential fans. Kelley can turn around Facebook posts very quickly.

Web Page

107 Projects Completed

Kelley has worked with a range of small, medium and large businesses to create web pages for their site. She understands what makes compelling content on websites and how to drive the user to clear calls to action. She is able to turn around web page copy quickly regardless of the topic.

Blog Post

76 Projects Completed

Kelley served as a regular writer and manager for the Project Management Institute's Voices on Project Management blog. In this role she coordinated with a stable of international bloggers, planned the blog schedule and edited posts. She also served as a ghostwriter for the blog to cover live events on the blog.


67 Projects Completed

Kelley's articles have appeared in a range of digital and print vehicles. She is comfortable producing articles of varying lengths. She can turn articles that range from 300-600 words around quickly regardless of the topic. She is also an experienced researcher and can ensure accuracy of the content she produces.

Case Studies

40 Projects Completed

Kelley loves a case study. These pieces allow her to really get to know a person or organization and get the details on their latest efforts. She has written case studies on various projects and programs, including new bridges, new buildings and the effects of new processes. This experience means Kelley understands what information needs to go into a case study and knows how to craft the write questions to get those details.

Press Release

30 Projects Completed

Kelley has been writing press releases since the start of her career more than 15 years ago. These press releases have covered everything from grand openings to product launches to employee promotions. She is well-versed in proper press release style and has a knack for creating copy that will draw the interest of media, customers and stakeholders alike. Kelley is able to turn around press releases quickly regardless of the topic.


13 Projects Completed

Kelley has been a script writer for several podcast and video projects, including the South of Fine podcast and the Allstate insurance blog. She enjoys capturing the voice of the brand or organization and working to bring a message or story to life.


10 Projects Completed

Kelley enjoys getting to know new people, their passions and their drive to write their bios. She has written many the bios and profiles of executives, designers, healthcare workers and everyday Americans. Some of her recent profiles include Jamie Smith, CIO, ServiceMaster, Alice Milligan, CCO, Citi, Piyush Gupta, CEO, DBS Bank and Andrew Alford, chief design officer, Graduate Hotels.

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