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Travis G
Writer #5276
Joined 5/23/2012
5 Star Rating
1,375 Projects
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1 Elite Skills
Travis G has had a passion for writing ever since his Number 2 pencil first hit wide-ruled paper. He was instantly hooked for life. Once he discovered he could do freelance writing for a living, he quit his day job to follow his lifelong passion.

With a large field of expertise under his belt, he is able to create captivating content on almost any subject; from how to configure a dedicated server to creating a yoga routine to banish back pain. He has worked for Fortune 500 companies and small Mom N’ Pop shops. He has done everything from in-person sales, to over the phone tech support, to carpet installation. All of this experience has created a well-rounded writer.

He expertly creates content that educates, entertains, and persuades. Special attention is paid to all criteria he is given and provides high quality content. His experience in research has allowed him to accept work on topics that are foreign to him. He then quickly becomes an industry expert. He has knowledge of SEO tactics that are naturally built in to any article he creates. He is a copywriter, content marketer, and SEO writer all in one.

He lives by two words: honesty and integrity. As a full time freelance writer, he knows that always abiding by this philosophy will keep his clients happy. Client satisfaction is the most important aspect of everything he creates. In addition, he is completely committed to ensure that everything he writes has intrinsic value, and accomplishes the specific goal it was created for.