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Well-known internal and external business storyteller who delivers what matters to the companies she works with (based on 25+ years in consulting):
* Creating sharp copy ... actionable ... and memorable
* Simplifying the complex -- and making it real
* Translating business and HR programs into performance that moves your bottom line
* Telling stories that engage, enthuse, and excite
* And, quite pragmatically, crafting the kinds of content that impact positively.

A few examples of what customers ask her for:
* HR annual report and collateral explaining changes and actions
* Newsletters that produce awareness and understanding
* Direct mail and presentations to educate
* A series of segmented (and award-winning) Healthy Greetings cards
* Re-positioning services to attract more buyers and
* A wealth of well-researched articles for any medium, any time.

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* Animations
* Annual and CSR reports
* Benefits/healthcare
* Blogs
* Catalogs
* Collateral
* E-newsletters
* Intranets
* Long- and short-form articles
* Magazines
* Messaging
* Op-eds
* Presentations
* Promotions
* Proposals
* PR materials
* Sales
* Speechwriting
* Thought leadership
* Videos
* Websites and
* White papers.


Her main interest? Helping clients discover the ways to make change work, inside and out -- through targeted and top-notch copy and research.


Simmons University

Because of my training as a librarian, I can, quite literally, research ANYTHING - and have, for a variety of clients. My latest? Developing an editorial framework, using library references, to enable a major law firm to better target its media - for reputation


55 Projects Completed

I'm a business storyteller. As such, clients hire me to script the right responses to these kinds of events:
* Launching new/revised business strategy
* Engaging employees, via value propositions and other instruments
* Adopting IT, no matter what the acronym
* Supporting transitions of all types, whether in the C-suite or frontline
* Transforming the enterprise ... digitally, process- and people-wise
* Combining companies as well as 'de-acquiring' them
* Translating HR programs into performance that moves the bottom line.


30 Projects Completed

I've worked for B2C as well as B2B companies. A few of the more recognizable names:
* Coca-Cola Enterprises
* Deere
* Kraft
* La-Z-Boy Chair Co.
* McDonald's
* Rust-Oleum
* Sara Lee
* Sears
* Weber Grills

Human Resources

25 Projects Completed

I help HR executives and teams communicate these kinds of programs:
* Alum groups
* Changes in programs
* Compensation
* Employee engagement
* Equity, diversity, and inclusion
* Healthcare benefits
* Learning and development
* Performance management
* Recruiting


15 Projects Completed

I have worked for at least four companies to help them implement their new IT systems -- which involves a LOT of writing (as well as change expertise):
* Deloitte - spearheading communications for a new customer relationship management system
* Options Clearing Corp - helping them launch a digital transformation, one part of which was modernizing technology
* Southern California Edison - an enterprise-wide SAP system
* W.W.Grainger - introducing a new learning management system.
There's more - and happy to supply the details.


100 Projects Completed

As part of her counsel to clients, Barbara routinely researches and writes dozens of articles for their internal newsletters. Among the clients: BASF, Deloitte, OCC, Kraft

Blog Post

100 Projects Completed

* Authored and distributed 'Communicating by Design' for five years, a blog for Jacobs Plus LLC (found on
* Write blogs, on demand, for clients - such as BASF (on sustainability) and Southern California Edison (BYOD or bring your own device on the launch of Office 365)

Press Release

100 Projects Completed

Barbara started her writing career as a publicist and so have tons of examples of news releases that worked ... i.e., caught reporters' attention.


100 Projects Completed

When you're a consultant, presentations are your bread and butter. What's important is that they be both visually appealing and sparse on words, since the presenter should deliver the content. Deloitte, Spherion, BASF, OCC, Grant Thornton are among the many who've benefited from Barbara's expertise


55 Projects Completed

Barbara both copywrites and art-directs brochures for clients. Among them:
* Healthy Greetings for Nutrasweet
* We grow tomorrow's leaders today (Lake Forest Graduate School of Management)


50 Projects Completed

Any time there's a client change event -- like merger, acquisition, leadership change, IT transformation -- Barbara writes FAQs. Clients for which I've penned questions AND answers: BASF, McDonald's, WW Grainger, and so on.

Newsletter Content

30 Projects Completed

Internal communications require a lot of backs and forths -- and tons of information/education. Barbara has both started newsletters AND contributed to existing publications. Customers include BASF, Sara Lee, PepsiAmericas, McDonald's, among many others


20 Projects Completed

Barbara jas done animations as well as scripts/videos. Animations (in tandem with a design team) were completed for BASF ... her portfolio features them. And videos, whether rough cut or final, are part of her offerings to clients ... like OCC.


15 Projects Completed

For senior executives at certain points in their lives, Barbara routinely, for clients, pens a biography - and update it as necessary. Work primarily for McDonald's


15 Projects Completed

On occasion, Barbara writes speeches for executives. When Don Thompson was CEO of McDonald's, Barbara wrote quite a few for him - as well as Byrne Mulrooney, who was president of Spherion.

Direct Mail

10 Projects Completed

see notes under Skills for Direct Response ...

Landing Page

10 Projects Completed

As part of Barbara's work with clients, web landing pages are my territory ... best example is her own:


5 Projects Completed

Barbara has written books for clients as well as for herself:

* MapIt, one of five mini-books about change communications (not yet published)
* Buying Retail is Stupid, Chicago (published in the 1990s)
* and three corporate history books

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